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My Journey to 205 @ 6%


Alright ****ers. It has BEGUN!!! Tomorrow I step out onto the road to my transformation from 185lbs @ 12% to 205 @ 6%. It's going to be a long journey that involves a lot of brown rice, eggs, chicken, steak, sweet potatoes, and discipline. Here I will log all of my workouts & nutrition. I am starting with German Volume Training and at the moment plan to stick with German Volume Training for as long as my attention span will permit.

You may see me revert to more of a power lifting oriented routine occasionally for a short break but will continue to return to volume training until I have put on 20lb's of rock solid muscle. Being that gaining muscle takes a lot longer than it does to lose fat I will not worry too much about an increase in BF % until I have reached my target muscle gain goal. My projected date of goal attainment is late 2014.

A little bit about me since this is my first post:
I am a former Marine.
I started lifting weights 5 years ago at 120lb's @ 6ft tall. I know weigh 185-190.
When I first began lifting I was benching 95lb's and barely squatting 135.
I enjoy coming to the gym to lift for strength. I HATE volume training. For now though, strength is a privilege.

My all time best lifts are as follows(will be constantly updated):
Bench: 285
Squat: 315
Deadlift: 405
Standing Overhead Military Press: 175
Chin's: 21 reps

My current lifts are as follows(will be constantly updated):
Bench: 285
Squat: 275
Deadlift: 355
Standing Overhead Military Press: 165
Chin's: 15 reps

Eating is easy for me. I have no problem eating 3000+ calories. Sticking to a Volume program is where the struggle is going to be.

Alright let's do this.