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My Journey to 1100#



Week 3 Day 3

Woke at 194.6

Speed Bench

10Xempty bar

Superset with Lat Pulls


Only has about an hour but finished this little stuff in 30 minutes. This turned into Wendler’s get in, get the shit done, and get out. Slept 3 hours last night and slept 3 hours while working yesterday. I’m going to increase my calories back up until I can get more recovery. Too many things hammering my body at the same time. Thanks @MarkKO


Looking back over my logs and my 5 year anniversary of strength training, I decided to hire a coach. Based on my life and goals I wanted simple, proven, and flexible program. I ended up going with Starting Strength Online Coaching. My coach is less than 4 hours away so I can occasionally get in front of her and get some hands on coaching. Hopefully this will help me get back to the consistency that CrossFit gave me even though I’m not able to get to a gym or have a workout partner. I am competing at a powerlifting meet April 13th and an excited to let someone else steer my training to that end.