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My Journey, I Guess?


I've been reading this site for about a month now and decided i would post for some advice. Last January i weighed 265 lbs, on my birthday i was embarrassed at what i saw. so i decided to change, not knowing anything about nutrition and exercising i did the typical yo-yo diet. i ran like a maniac and ate two small meals a day, the weight came off by june i was down to 185.

summer time, i stopped exercising and started eating like crap again, by march of 09 i was back up to 235. at that point i was sick of being a fat fuck for most of the past 7 years or so. i started running again and bought an ez-curl bar with some plates. slowly the weight was coming off then i just happened to stumble on this site and bodybuilding, the amount of information available was overwhelming.

i had the idea bodybuilders got miraculously huge, the amount of time and work that most put in is insane. then the day came when i saw ronnie coleman deadlift 800 lbs, right then and there i caught the bug. after working out at home the 100 lbs barbell was getting easy, i needed a new challenge. about 3 weeks ago i finally had the money to join a gym and it's like a drug, i have to restrain myself from going on sundays.

my routine is:
thursday-some cardio

supplements: ON vassive NO, ON recovery 2:1:1, ON pro complex and HOT-ROX Extreme.
i've been eating clean for some about 3 months now.

my typical day

6: 30 am 3 wholes eggs, 3 egg whites, 1 scoop ON pro complex, multi-vitamin and 2 fishoil.

10: 30 ON recovery

12: 30 turkey or chicken breast with some green veges.

3: 30 2 scoop pro complex with almonds

6: 30 chicken or salmon with green veges

9: 45 1 spoon almond butter , 2 scoop protein.

Any advice or recommendations would be more than welcomed.


Looks pretty good. You don’t mention what exercises you are doing so I would suggest emphasising compound movements like the squat, deadlift, overhead press etc as these tend to be better for beginners to build a foundation of strength.


Welcome to the site! What’s your goal?

And before you say

  • lose fat
  • gain muscle
  • get a lot stronger

IMO when you are a beginner, you’ll get 2 of those (gain muscle, get a lot stronger) with any reasonable training and non-deficit diet that’s not insanely stupid, provided you train hard.

Fat loss is likely simple to achieve as long as your diet is reasonable and you maintain a deficit every day. You’ll retain muscle much better with training, recovery nutrition, and adequate protein throughout the day. But your calories still have to be in a deficit every day.

However, to achieve all three at once is tricky even for a beginner, and might not happen unless your training and diet are tightly dialed in, which is unlikely because you are a beginner.


i do a lot of compound exercises and yes, i deadlift and squat! well at the moment my goal is to lean out before i start a somewhat clean bulk. i am in a deficit diet right now at around 400-500 calories a day less than my maintenance and i’m taking HOT-ROX Extreme hopefully to shed a little more fat. also keeping my carbs relatively low and protein high, i try to get in 275-300g a day. thanks for the advice.