My Journey from Obesity to Athleticism

This will be my training/nutrition log, but my history is here: Forums - T Nation - The World's Trusted Community for Elite Fitness

Morning weight: didn’t weigh today
7:30am----2 omega 3 eggs, 2 slices fat free turkey, 9mg active yohimbine extract, 2 HOT-ROX
9:30am—50g protein powder, 1 tsp fish oil
12:00—3/4 lb veggies (broccoli, pea pods, water chestnuts, carrots), light salad dressing (100c from fat) 4oz tilapia with slight amounts of coconut and sliced pecan
3:00—1 brazilnut, 6 pecan halves, 5 almonds, 2 lite string cheese
9:30----8oz tilapia as above

Exercise—tabata snatches with 12kg kettlebell…got through all 8 rounds pretty easily averaging 10 snatches per 20sec round…did this between first two meals.

Comments…should have had that last meal about 3 hours earlier, but had an extra-long practice tonight with a smooth jazz/RnB band I’m starting to play with part time. I’m excited that tabatas are getting easier…I couldn’t do but 4 rounds when I started. I want to move up to a 16kg kettlebell in a couple of weeks.

I all too often get trapped into a mode of thinking, I think it was Mike Mentzer that once referred to an “escape from a blind alley”…I get wrapped up in thinking that everything has to done an a 7-day microcycle…everything broken down “per week”. That doesn’t always work best for my own recovery, though. I think what I will do now is this:

Day 1: Tabata
Day 2: Waterbury-style ‘25 rep’ total body workout (Bench, Squat, RDL)
Day 3: Rest

Day 1: Tabata
Day 2: EDT workout (A1:Barbell Thruster A2:Rev Grip Pulldown) (B1:DB Row Left B2:DB Row Right)
Day 3: Rest

Day 1: Tabata
Day 2: EDT workout (A1:DB Step-up Left A2:DB Step-up Right) (B1:Hang Clean B2:Incline DB BP)
Day 3: Rest


There’s enough bodypart overlap in these workouts to keep the whole body frequently stimulated, while only repeating the same WO every 9 days.

Feel free to comment and/or disagree…at 36, I’ve learned not to always assume my own correctness.