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My Journey for Drive (T-ransformation2018)

First entry,

Officially entering the T-ransformation Challange 2018. I’m not doing it for anyone, just for myself and this is not intended to stop at june 1st. I will post my after pics regardless if i’m ready or not. This is something to get my drive back on fire and keeping me motivated until i’m no more able to lift anymore.

I’ try to log every single day.

Here ar my before pics


Allready late :wink:

Yesterday first workout of 2018, started with a Pull day,

Lat pulldowns middle grip 4x15
Seated rows double grip 3x15
Db rows (kroc rows) 3x12
Ez bar curls 3x 12-15
Reverse ez bar curls 3x12-15
Single arm preacher curls 1x10, 1xamrap + isoholds + extra negatives

Felt bit off cause of holidays but managed to finish.
Everything eas something about RPE 8 except last set of curls. Starting pretty pumpy.

Foodwise, i managed to hit my macros almost perfect except for fat where i was under the goal.
The food was not the healthiest cause leftover from the holidays.

Current macro goals are

Adjusting every two weeks depending on weightloss/gain.

Training wise, i try to train 3-5 days a week with a LPP LU (kinda PHAT)


Last week was very busy, where i had almost no time for this forum, but was very consistent with my diet and training. I ate almost every day a pound of chicken and my carbs where from potatos, sweetpotatos and rice. Bulkcooking is very optimal for me.

My last weeks average macros where

199 protein
205 carbs
57 fats

2128 cals

i was a bit low, but i will see how the weight is moving.

Sunday Morning weight was 84.6 kg (not empty stomach) i cant weigh myself after i p**p cause its typical late in the day)

Hit the gym 4 times, and for a starting week, pretty decent.

My Final and Basic Split is:

Lower day A
Squats 5s + Joker sets + Volumework
Split Squats (Quad dominant)

Upper day
OHP 6-10 rep goal
Dips 4sets of AMRAP (bad at dips)
Seated Rows
Cable Pushdowns (triceps)
Concentration curls

Lower day B
Deadlifts 5s + Jokers
Hip thrusts
Leg curls

Push day
Bench Press 6-10 rep goal (might be switchin to 5s + Joker + Volume)
DB Flies
Single arm OHP
Skull crushers
Cable Pushdowns

Pull day
Seated Rows
Pendlay rows
EZ bar curls
EZ reverse curls
Preacher curls

Abs are trained every day, in the morning or at the end of the workout
I never really trained my abs and i have a very week core, so…

I also made slight changes to my diet, not really changes but some tweeks to increase my insulin sensitivity.

I take 8-10 fish oil caps a day with my meals.
I try to eat my proteinfood first before my carbs.
I try to eat slower.
I take a tbls of psyllium with my shakes (twice a day)
I spice my food with cinnamon (3g a day or so)
I spice my food with apple cider vinegar (wheres not to ugly to eat), also i take to tbls of it before bed.

I also want to start jogging for 20-30min a day Second thing in the morning after shake. But here i wait what my scale says.

I someone have some good addition to my plan, feel free to post. I very thankful for every hint.

Yesterday , was Push Day

Hell of a Pump on just Benching 3x10. Rest of work was great. Had a small lower back strain that schould be gone on Thursday for my next Squat day.
Training overall was very satisfieng. Made overall improvment, except for Tricep Cable Pushdowns, where i was to fatigued after Skull Crushers.

For Abs there was only one excercise, leg raises, felt pretty good, but after 3 Sets i was dead. This shows how weak my core is. trying to push at least the same today.

Foodwise, i miscalculatet my mealtiming. After my workout at 9pm i had 1200cals left and no food prepared. i had also around 100carbs left. I underate for about 600cals, where the most where coming from fat.

Today i just started with more carbs in the morning, and allready food prepared for dinner.

Pull day can come…

Finally i’m able again to post. Last two weeks were too stressful in terms of business. so i had almost no time for digital life.

But, the last two weeks were also succsessful in terms of training and diet. I lost some weight, looking kinda bigger, so very good sign. Keeping my macros the same for 1-2 more weeks. I traind 2 days less then planed but managed to hit a good Rep PR on my Deadlifts.

I m transitioning to the 5/3/1 progression scheme on my big lifts, with joker sets. Have added two new moves to my routine: One for my chest, doing chest flies on ground and one for my back, where i saw on the T-nation youtube channel done by Mr. Dugdale. The latest video of single handed chest supported db rows. Awesome pump and almost no bicep feel. All lats.

Thats it for this post. I realized that doing a post every day is unmanageble for me, so i’l keep it to once a week.