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My IPod Shuffle Sucks?


My ipod shuffle won't work! I tried the ipod support site and nothing they say to do works.
My itunes shows up, as does my ipod on the screen.
However my ipod shuffle itself makes no sound!
The green light just stays on the whole time it is on.
Any suggestions?


I assume the earbuds are pushed in the whole way.
Have you tried a different set of earbuds?


If you really think it's the IPOD that doesn't work, then take it back, start over, and if it doesn't work then, you know it's probably not the IPOD. I started mine up a few weeks ago with no problem. For me it was just a matter of cutting and pasting audio files. It's hard to tell what's wrong by what you've written. Get one of your friends to work with you on it, sometimes I'm missing something obvious and just need a second set of eyes.


Sorry, no suggestions other than downloading the latest operating software. My shuffle restarts on the same song every time I turn it on.
I have to play with the switch in order to get it to start and if I so much as tap it, it quits.
I attribute it to the amount of sweat that has been dripped into it during workouts.

Apple makes nice looking, fragile, equipment. Good ideas; good design; lousy durability.

Best of luck.


I'm on my second iPod shuffle. The first one wouldn't play, and I returned it, and was told that I shouldn't sweat on it. I was a bit irate, as all their advertising shows an attractive women on the crosstrainer, shuffle around her neck, and I would assume sweating.

Anyway, bought a replacement, and also purchased a clear sweat-proof cover at Target. So far (4 months later), it's still working well.


I use this sucker exclusively for my cardio, so maybe the sweat thing is it.
Thanks guys (and gals!).


Go to the Apple Store nearest you (assuming there is one) and have one of the "geniuses" that work there take a look. (I'm not being sarcastic; that's what the very helpful and competent geeks who work there are called.)

They'll either be able to fix it right away, or give you a new one. I had to have two iPods in a row replaced, but they were very nice about it and didn't hassle me at all. As long as you bought the thing within a year, you're still under warranty.

The only thing is: get there early on a weekday. Otherwise, the line is--no shit--three or four hours long.


I had to return mine twice, till I got one that worked.


I have a shuffle and it works fine. Maybe you have it set for data files not audio files. that was my problem when i got it. Because you can use it like a disk. hope this helps