My iPhone Game on Appstore

Hopefully this does not look like a sale and I am not breaking any forum rules hah.

Me and a friend have been working lately on an iPhone puzzler game and after these past 2 weeks of just waiting for apple to review and approve, I just got the green light… Finally. Perhaps now I can afford to buy me some Flameout =)

The game is a sort of road block game in space with bonus points and a highscore with 55 levels.

Here is a link on iTunes.

If you guys want, you can support us by trying out the game and give us a friendly rating.


Cool man. How did you guys go about programming it? Would you be able to program anything besides games? What kind of profits do you see off of the game?

that’s pretty cool, I’ll give the game a try soon

We actually have bigger projects for the PC, but we coul’nd pass up an opportunity to try and get a piece of the apple market, plus lack of funding really does not help progress things hah. We have been making games for a while, but if you are interested check out the 3d game engine Shiva by Stonetrip. We used this engine because it was the cheapest one that could create a binary to port to the iPhone =)

If you guys are interested more in design process or have any questions, go ahead and ask. This is a picture of some other stuff we are trying to work on now.

Oh come on, I know we have a lot of geeks here. Here is something of an old artists concept art. And no he does not do concentrated curls in the squat rack.

That’s fucking cool!

Hey guys, just a quick update, dropped price to 0.99c and here is a video link on youtube. Working on an update too, just a little busy with other projects.


Youtube: Astrosphere - YouTube

Let me know what you think.