My Incline Bench Dropped?

I do an undulated full body workout 2-3 times/week. Every 6 weeks or so I change the exercises and than it becomes design 2, 3, etc. It’s undulated in the way I vary the reps for each body part through 3 workouts per design. So regardless of the chest exercises I may have 3x12 on monday, 5x3 on weds, and 3x8 on Friday.

Well when I set up the 1st design off this template in May I ended with a close grip incline bb bench for 165x8(10 was the goal). Today on the 3rd design of this template I put in wide grip incline BB bench press and 155x3 felt heavy so I dropped down to 145 and did 4 more sets of 3 reps. On the second design I had incline db presses which went up so I expected to be stronger on the 3rd design when I went back to the bb version, especially with a wider grip.

Any ideas why it would’ve went down? It should be noted that I did take adequate time to recoop between designs.

Well, dumbbell gains don’t automatically transfer into barbell gains. The two exercises are not exactly the same.

I’d just chalk it up as a bad day. Everyone has them once in a while. Lots of factors could have an effect on the lift, but wait until your next workout and see how it progresses.

different exercises even grips = different loads.

Over worked shoulders and tris maybe rest and try again.