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My IGF-1 Level


I am a 50 year old healthy man who works out regularly. Take a well thought out supplement program (long list) and started TRT 8 weeks ago do to low TT and FT (1.88%)ranges. My BW before the T showed that my IGF-1 as 296.0 (87 - 238 ng/ml). It's high and my MD loved it; no need for any type of HGH therapy.

So...what's fueling this high level? Is there a nutrient that can do this or is it just good luck?



If that could be duplicated with supplements, we would be all over that.


If it was above 400 then I be concerned, but like KSMAN said your supplementation and good lifestyles, may be responsible for it. Another possiblity is that you may not be converting to GH in the liver. A urinary 24 hour gh test would answer this which can be done with lab corp through insurance from good Dr.