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My Ideal Physique


(warning may annoy bb's)


Matt, Joe or James pretty much look how I want to be. I was discussing this on bb.com though and everyone was saying how the measurements are too small to be flexed, so measurements must be cold and unflexed or something (especially for Andrew). I'm hoping to model in a few years (no homo), and matt, Joe and James all have physiques I aspire to (even though I am bigger than they are currently lol).

Do You reckon they would not be lifting much more than I am now (I'm benching, for example, my own bw at 180lbs for 10+ reps easy). Dunno why I made this thread really lol, just to see what others think I guess! i know women will dig this kind of look though! One thing I am going to do though is work my whole body - front, back, legs, arms, traps, shoulders etc.


those guys are hot (homo)


If you think it's going to annoy body builders why would you post it in the bodybuilding forum?

Edit: Nevermind, I just saw the join date.


just don't lift heavy and stop eating food and you'll be good to go.




Don't feed the trolls


gawd fucking dammit. I hate my class.

You are proud of benching your bw? My little brother who plays soccer and just now got into lifting benches more than his bw.


Now these people are obviously leaner than me, but I've surpassed all those measurements with 1 year of training, the first half year being pretty half assed. I.e, I'm still a newb.

So I'll say you're good to go with 6-12 months of some bulking and then cutting down, if that's your goal. But not looking like you lift when wearing anything above a size small slim-fit t-shirt is kind of lame.


All in favor of a "Skinny physique/General Fitness" forum say "Aye"





The shorter guys (5'8"-5'10") probably bench around 225lbs for 5-10 reps (from what i've seen of guys of similar size), and i'd say the taller ones would be closer to 275lbs for the same amount.

I bet they all do a typical bodybuilding split too (and a couple of them probably don't train legs).

Good for you.

BTW why did fucking post this in a bodybuilding forum rather than on mens health?


You know when they asked about the new Tcell...that should have been the proposal... "skinny emaciated dudes"


They do need a Gen Fit forum. There are way too many people trying to force bodybuilding into some lame watered down version of itself when they could just be carted off to the other section. That way little guys can continue to whine about how straight their arms are during lateral raises and how everyone carrying 100lbs of lean body mass more than then is somehow doing the movement wrong.

They can sit around in groups and claim bodybuilders are weak and can't get laid...you know, whatever they tell themselves so they can go to sleep at night thinking they actually try harder than everyone else.


It has to have a demeaning name, like "xfit wannabes" or "100lbs and looking to cut weight"


I've been saying this since I joined.



fingers crossed


Aye, but I think LaBuff looks better.


why do people have these kinds of aspirations? in high school most guys looked like this normally... well ok most didn't, because most never exercised and drank beer and ate crisps (and still do) and so looked like shit (and probably still do).

i guess my question is why do so many aspire to look like this? all you need to do is eat 2 meals a day of chicken and rice and go running 5x a weeek and do 30 pushups a day.

why does this need to be announced on an internet forum?

btw i have been on internet 'fitness forums' before and its sad because this is what most people want to look like... what is also sad is that most never even reach that because they think they need 'HIIT' or 'carb cycling' or some super advanced cutting diet and hiring a nutritionist (seriously ive seen it often) and just end up looking almost exactly the same (read: skinny with a flabby waist) in two years. or just look anorexic.

what happened to wanting big arms and cannonball shoulders? do they believe women will start avoiding them?


Because those are the types of physiques that the majority of girls like.


aye. i hate that guys who started off my size only want to be my size but "toned and lean" but like 175lbs. im trying to be about 220 and im sick of everyone at the gym who aspires to be small and weak while im trying to do the opposite. Its a frustrating atmosphere to train in.