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My Ideal Cycle


I am going into my 3rd cycle now and i was wondering how i should set it up? I am looking to put on quality mass with water retention as low as i can get it. I plan on using test en. (500 mg @ peak) for 11 weeks, eqipoise for 10 weeks (400 mg @ peak), winstrol pills the first 6 weeks, and anavar the last six weeks. I didn't know how high of mg.'s a day i should go on the winstrol or anavar since I was stacking it with the others. I also plan on using noveldex or armidex throughout the whole cycle and clomid @ the end. Should I use this cycle or should I set it up a different way? Thank You


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First off i want to use the winstrol to lower my water retention and harden up during the first weeks of my cycle. I wanted to start the anavar during the second phase for two reasons: To continue to harden up and to boost my strength towards the end of my cycle. I have read that anavar is better for that than winstrol. Q: Should I just stick to one or the other throughout the whole cycle (win. or ana.) or should i keep it the same? I am trying to stay as cut as possible during this cycle thats why I'm runing the win. and ana. through the whole time. Thank You


bushido, i wasn't aware that stanozolol had a high affinity for shbg? i know proviron does, and it's use at the end of a cycle when the long esters are clearing is a good idea as you've pointed out.
i personally would drop the winstrol if tendon health and hair loss are concerns of yours...run the anavar the first 3wks and the last 3 weeks, so cycle would look like this:
wk1:1000mg test 800mg eq 30mg var/d
wk2:750mg test 600mg eq 30mg var/d
wk3:500mg test 400mg eq 30mg var/d
wk3-8:500 mg test 400mg eq
wk9:500mg test 30mg var/d
wk10,11:30mg var/d
wk12:start pct
test/eq is probably my favorite cycle btw, i think you'll love it!



Does frontloading like you've indicated really make that much more of a difference then pyramiding the cycle?


personally, i feel the difference with a frontload. i would say that all logical arguments point to yes.



BushBoy is dead on with the SHBG info....i just posted some info on Winny on the Newbie thread that explains it pretty well...


Yes you sack of donkey balls, frontload like I told you before. You should make some badass gains with the cycle mike outlined above.


50 mg of t-3 per dsy will keep that water off rather nicely.


I have decided to go with MK's version for this cycle. I feel like I will get exactly what I want with this setup. Q: Should I use hcg throughout the cycle or should I not worry about it? Thank You


incorporate the hcg for the last 10 days before starting pct...so in your case it'd be the last 3 days of wk10 and all of wk11...this is obviously in addition to the anavar.



I disagree with using HCG the last 10 days before PCT.

Start HCG at 250iu on Saturday, and then another 250iu on Sunday for a total 500iu on the weekend, starting at week 3 up to the end of your cycle.

It's called keeping your horsies in the barn, instead of trying to play catch up at the end. You'll thank me for it.

Other than that, Mr. Katz is on point with the cycle outline. Ken Waller is a prick for what he did to you to, Mr. Katz.