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My Hypogonadism Story


Hi, my name is Gabriel . I live in quebec,canada. (French native , i’ll do my best to explain myself in english).
Age : 25
Height : 5’10"
Waist : 34"
Weight : 165 pounds
Body and facial hair : Hairy everywhere/full bears
Where I carry fat : belly and face only
Health conditions : central sleep apnea but I sleep with a bipap since a year and my results are great . I take effexor(venlafaxine) since 7 years for anxiety and panic attack. I have chronic heartburn and refux
Diet : been following keto diet since 2 months to shed pounds .
Training : going to the gym 3-4 times a week since a year
No tastes aches
Morning wood : can’t remember last time I had one.
Supplements : I’ve been taking those since january ; glutamine,multivitamins (with selenium,iodine),vitamin c,vitamin d3,zinc and magnesium.
Using iodized salt too
Temperature in morning 97.9 and 98.9 during day mostly
M.r.i came out fine
So here’s my story . I’ve been tired all my life but was always a positive guy. My libido was normal I think … even thought I had no morning wood or spontaneous erections. Things got bad 2 years ago for some unknown reasons . I’ve became severly depressed with no libido,no energy and suicidal thoughts. I stopped working at that time and haven’t went back since. They found out I had central sleep apnea a year ago and i’ve been sleeping with a bipap ever since. I thought this would help my situation but I had no improvements even if my results are great. I’ve lost a lot of people around me who thought I was a lazy bipolar guy and I’ve then became very proactive with my health. I found out about low testosterone symptoms and had to ask 3 doctors to test me before the last one did. Results came back very low (i’ll post at the end) . I then met with a couple shitty endos who puts me on 50mg a week before meeting with the one i’m with now . She stopped my injections for 2 months to get baseline tests and further investigations (which I was fine with) . I’m meeting her july 6th to start trt again . She said i’ll be starting at 75mg a week and might be going up . She seemed very open and concern about my well being (opened with hcg too) . But hostly I trust people in here even more . Can you help me in some way? Thank you @KSman for your time with everyone in here.

March 2017 results (first diagnosis)

Results one month after stopping injections (not done going down)

Now 3 days after those bloodtest


E2 (oestradiol) is going up after stopping injections? Anti-tpo and tsh numbers are bothering me too. Plaquettes are going down . Should i worry about cortisol and vitamin b12?


heartburn and refux: Using heart burn medications can cause multiple mineral deficiencies. If magnesium deficient, you might get leg or foot cramps or be able to tighten a muscle and have it start to contract by itself. Can also affect Vit-B12 absorption. Your B12 is good! You are taking magnesium!

AM cortisol very low: - labs should be 8AM or 1 hour after waking up.
ACTH might be low and causing this. ACTH can be tested. Then you get ACTH injection and wait for a while, then cortisol is tested and should be quite high. If cortisol is then low, the problem is in your adrenal glands. I did see that one high reading, may not happen again. Were you freaked out by the blood samples?


Anti-TPO is high

This is thyroid auto-immune disease.
Can easily be caused by a history of selenium deficiency and low iodine intake would make that worse.

TSH=1.62, 1.82: Should be closer to 1.0
Thyroid lab ranges are useless.
TSH can be up from iodine deficiency and from thyroid been attacked by anti-bodies.

Body temperatures are good. fT3 is there and doing its job and overcoming whatever rT3 is there.

Please provide your long term history of using your iodized salt.
Any iodine or selenium in your vitamins ? - history and amounts
Do you feel cold easily?
Is your thyroid enlarged, sore or lumpy?
Are your outer eyebrows sparse?

IGF-1 is very low for your age.
DHEA-S is low for your age. DHEA is an adrenal hormone. DHEA–>T inside your testes. Pregnenolone–>DHEA in your adrenals.


Lower LH/FSH, IGF-1 indicating low GH and perhaps low ACTH can be pointing to the pituitary that appears good on a MRI. You need to test ACTH. When there are three or more pituitary insufficiencies, the term ‘pan hypopituitarism’ can be found. Noting that the pituitary has no problem creating TSH.

With low cortisol and low DHEA we also look for a possible connection there as well. Then your history of stress can be a factors and your current health problems are a stress. Exercise when your natural energy levels can be very stressful and harmful. We see that many young guys can train on adrenalin.

Back to thyroid and auto-immune: In your current state, you should avoid larger amounts of iodine. You should select vitamins that have 200mcg selenium and be on that for a couple of months to see what happens to anti-TPO. Large dose iodine now could lead to Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Vitamin C and other anti-oxidants are helpful. Natural source Vit-E may also help with the free radical damage that is the cause.


With TT=16, SHBG was elevated, perhaps as a result of elevated E2 earlier.
FT was decent, FT can change hour to hour.
On TRT with high T levels, we see that guys do very well near E2=80pmol/L. Getting E2 lower would require anastrozole. You could ask for 0.25mg twice a week and TT, FT, E2 should improved. SHBG is slow to respond. Or go right to TRT.

Two years ago: Was there a blow to your head before this started?

TRT: -ask for
Self-inject 50mg T subq twice a week, #29 1/2" 0.5ml insulin syringes
250iu hCG subq EOD #31 5/16" 0.5ml
0.5mg anastrozole at time of T injections


You are growth hormone deficient. Can you get on GH injections if a second IGF-1 lab comes in low? At your age, GH levels should be good and can only get worse with age.


You are DHEA deficient and your DHEA levels should be at a lifetime peak at age 25. Try to get 25mg DHEA. Take with meals that have lower fiber and higher fats/oils. Same for Vit-E, Vit-D3 and fish oil.

In your climate, you need 5000iu Vit-D3, take 25,000iu for 5 days and 5000iu after that.

Hopefully you can get off of the AD meds in time.

This is about the most I have ever provided. You have a lot of work to understand it all.

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Evaluate your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. Thyroid hormone fT3 is what gets the job done and it regulates mitochondrial activity, the source of ATP which is the universal currency of cellular energy. This is part of the body’s temperature control loop. This can get messed up if you are iodine deficient. In many countries, you need to be using iodized salt. Other countries add iodine to dairy or bread.

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Very interesting thread. Good luck tuckerleonie with your trt i wish you the best. Please keep this thread updated.


Thank you for your answer @KSman
First of all just to clarify second testing of cortisol was actually a dexamethasone suppression test . That’s why it came back low . So my cortisol is pretty high (no stress with bloodtest). I’ve been using iodized salt only for the past 3 months when I saw your posts. Big turn of event today … I’ve met with my endo today and last week results came back normal ? What the fuck ? (1 week before i was low out of range and everytime before too)(i’m not on trt no more). So she doesn’t want to treat me no more she sent me to a physchiatrist. I feel like shit more than ever since she stopped my injections 2 months ago ( really tired , suicidal as fuck , no motivation at all and no libido) I need help more than ever thank you


I’m out of hope right now … it’s been two years of feeling dead . Please someone help me . I forgot to say that she gave me 25mcg synthroid.


25 mcg syntroid avec tsh d’environ 1 et 2?


Elle m’a dit que mon probleme etait pas la testo finalement et qu’elle esseyait ca vu que mes anti-tpo etaient elevé . J’ai été 1 mois en trt avant qu’elle m’arrete et j’avais l’impression de voir du progres . Je me demandes si je devrais recommencé mes injections (j’ai encore une prescription d’un autre doc) ou l’écouté et aller voir un psychiatre ( je prends deja de l’effexor qui fait aucun effet )


Psychiatre ca sert a rien sauf à ruiner ta vie, c’est la qu’ils envoient les gens quand ils sont tannés et qu’ils trouvent rien


Please check this thread.


TSH keeps getting higher.

Please review everything I have said about iodine, TSH, thyroid, selenium AND oral body temperatures. You dropped the ball.


Body temperature were 97.9 in the morning and 98.9 in the evening . Been using iodized salt since 3 months but I will stop since I have high tpo (right?) . will add selenium . Question is do I start back trt even if she told me to stop?


Is synthroid gonna help me ? I’ll get the full thyroid bloodwork as you suggest but i’ll need to meet with a new doc to get them . I still have a testosterone enanthate prescription . Do you suggest I start trt even though last result turns out fine? I had 5 blood work before and my testosterone was out of range everytime …


What the doctor says doesnt really matter

Tons of guys are way more reckless than you with steroids, they will put anything in their bodies and use chemical drugs on top of that

Far from healthy in the long run but it will not kill you. If it did people would be dropping like flies in every gym in north america.

I don’t want to push you to do anything, but you cant go on forever without any progress just cause some professional that “treats” hundreds on patient a month says so.

If TRT doesn’t help it could be the thyroid. If it’s not, who knows.


if you choose to go the thyroid route try to inform yourself on armour


Encore une fois enleve ton vrai nom et les coordonnées des feuilles


J’ai enlever mon nom de sur les feuilles ! J’avais lu qu’armor etait mieux pour la thyroid aussi … je suis revenu à la case départ de me trouver un doc competant . Je pense je vais retourner voir francois gilbert et lui demander si il veut prescrire le hcg et arimidex


Still wondering why 5 blood results came back with low t and one was normal. Anyone?


La T varie tout le temps

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