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My Hypertrophy Program. What Do You Think?

I made this training program, for the purpose of hypertrophy. I want to train my legs once a week, because my legs are not in proportion compared to my upper body; my legs are too big compared to my upper body.

What do you think of this program? What would you change otherwise? Very curious to hear!

Three-Day Hypertrophy Workout
Monday- Back/biceps
Wide grip lat pull down 3x8-15
Shoulders shrugs 3x8-15
Single arm bent over row 3x8-12
Snatch deadlift 3x8-12
Cable row 4x 8
Biceps curls 4x10-15

Tuesday – Legs, shoulders and chest

Back squat 4x10-15
Front squat 3x8-12
Strict press 4x10
Klokov press 4X10
Dumbbell press 4X 12
Incline Dumbbell press 4X 12
Barbell incline press: 4X6

At the end: some conditioning

Wednesday- off

Thursday- Chest, shoulder, triceps

Bench press 4X 10
Hammer strength incline press 3x8-12
DB overhead press 4x8-12
Dumbbell incline press 5X12
Cable fly 4X 14
Shoulder lateral raises 3x12-15
Triceps extensions 3x12-15

Friday: back/ biceps
Snatch deadlift- 3X 6
Cable row 5x 8
Shoulder shrugs 6x6
Pull-ups: 4x 10
Biceps curls: 4x 12-15

At the end: some conditioning

Saturday- off

Sunday- off

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