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Had my annual physical and my physician doubled my dose to 100mg/week. My test levels prior to HRT was in the low 200s. After 6 weeks I feel better, much happier and zestier and horny as hell. My training is going much better too. I asked the Doc if I could go up to 200mg/week. He said he doesn't have any problem with it but the insurance won't allow a big jump so fast.

Here's my question: If I have a prescription for Depo is is legal for me to order it from outside the country and import it?


It seems odd that your insurance would balk at a dosage increase if your doctor prescribed it.

If I were you, I'd have the doc write a new prescription and then see what happens.

I would think if there was a problem w insurance then, you could call and explain that your doctor wants you to have this dosage.


Yes. The U.S. government does not have the capability of telling you what store you have to shop in or where it has to be located as long as it is a legal product.

However, there are a lot of scam-type pharmacies overseas, especially in India. Why go there when you can go to your local drug store and be sure of what you are paying for?


Are you looking for a better price for test cyp or wanting to use more than your prescribed amount?


I'm wanting to use more than the currently prescribed amount. I just want to experiment a little to find the optimum amount.


The policy is to slowly increase the dosage. It took over a year to get to 100mg/week.

Welcome to the wonderful wacky world of managed health care.


The issue of an optimal amount of T is fuzzy, as larger doses lead to more E and the FT:E ratios can be non-optimal. Read that as lack of libido, ED problems etc. So the optimal state that you seek is a proper balance of FT and E. Lifters who take 10 times more T than folks on TRT are not 10 times more horny. I some cases, quite the opposite unless they take SERMs or anti-E. You need to adjust your goals, because getting more T will not improve the state of things unless you also get SERMs or anti-E drugs.


But that is by no means common practice. Many are started at 100mgwk from the start.


Well I'm 10 times as horny that's for sure.


Many/most of us onn TRT get that, but it is transient and goes away as the body increases E and SHBG.


i would like to get a checkup but would like to go to a dr. that is in tune with test-estrogen-etc.
any recommendations for a good dr.
i live in nyc. horizon is my hmo.