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My HRT/Testosterone Therapy


27yo male
6'0" 245lbs

Normal Bioavailable Testosterone range: 5-20

Starting level: 5.6

1 month on 2.5mg Androgel (2.5g 1%) per day: 6.2

1 month on 5mg Androgel (5g 1%) per day: 6.1

12 weeks on 200mg Depo-Testosterone i.m. every three weeks: 16.7

Androgel costs about $150/month, Depo-Test is $45 for 15 weeks' worth.


I don't understand the Test part. You take 200mg once every three weeks? Is that correct? Or did I read that wrong. I am doing HRT also, but have not gotten into Test yet. However I will be soon. Currently taking growth and Oxandralone.


Yup, 200mg every three weeks.