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My House Is Haunted


I don't really think it's haunted, as I don't believe in such things, but there's some weird shit going on.

So firstly, my knives started going missing. Seriously. I have like 2 knives left now. Where the fuck have all my knives gone? I definitely used to have more knives than I do now. This is weird, but I dunno, I guess I could've accidentally kicked one under the fridge, maybe dropped one somewhere.

Second weird thing was I woke up one morning and my kettle was switched on. That's harder to explain than the knives. I don't sleepwalk, and I rarely even drink coffee at home, but when I came down at 5am the kettle was switched on.

Third weird thing, I came home after spending a couple of nights at my girlfriend's house, and my bathmat was sodden. Like completely soaked. Seemed I had a leak somewhere, but I checked everything and apparently not. There's also been no more water since then, and the bathmat is dry every time I come home.

There's a weird doings transpiring in my home.


Either a ghost or a new roommate!


Any recent prison breaks in your area? Also, check under the bed.


You better call Bill mother fuckin Murray, immediately.


not to derail the thread, but have you seen Coffee and Cigarettes?


Have you recently joined a new club that you're not allowed to talk about?


No, I've never even heard of it.


Not to scare you out, but maybe you should invite some friends over, so you won't sleep alone for a few nights. Maybe they notice something: maybe you do sleepwalk, maybe someone is hiding in your house, maybe there is something paranormal, I dunno.

TBH, I don't believe in something paranormal really, but I saw it too much to not discard it. When I was a kid I saw people roaming around in our house at night. I wasn't really scared, but it wasn't a very pleasant experience. When I talk about it, I still choke up, get goosebumps and tear up. I tell myself it's psychological, but I'm far from sure. Took quite some spiritual/witch/healer/whatever sessions to stop being bothered by them.

Get some cams in your home I suggest. To get at least some feedback.

But nothing paranormal ever tried to harm me in the least, if they existed. People have. I would be more scared of some creep sneaking around in my house than about every ghost around.

Good luck and keep us posted!


Set up a trail or nanny cam and see what's up. Does anyone know if they sleepwalk or not?? Anyone else have keys to your place?


there's a scene where Rza and Gza (from Wu Tang Clan) are sitting in a diner and Bill Murray pops up as the cook with a pot a coffee and is drinking it straight from the pot. Gza keeps calling him "Bill Motherfuckin' Murray" .. it's pretty funny



Do you have a cat? Did the mat smell of cat pee?

No shit we had a cat that collected green beans and had learned how to turn switches on and off. We found his stash of beans under a bed. They were all neatly trimmed and aligned.


If that's real, I would stay up in my living room with a knife and a baseball bat. Holy shit


Are you sure you're in your own house?


I just watched it, it's pretty funny. TheChive does a lot with Bill Murray. My cousin actually knows him pretty well through some charity event the Kennedy's have every year. I unfortunately haven't meet him :frowning:


In this order of importance and increasing expense:

  1. Change your locks. Get deadbolts that lock with a key from the inside.

  2. Security system with motion detector

  3. Security cameras that record.

I've also turned off water, gas, and electricity and padlocked the box to keep someone from turning it on without the key.

I own a lot of rental property. I've had mysterious squatters come and go that acquire a key or whatnot from somewhere.


Where do you live again? (I live in Kennedy country is why I'm asking)


love me some good ol fashioned mystery...

setup a camera in the kitchen at night maybe?


I'm a southerner, lol. I'm in MD just under the Mason Dixon line.


Are you missing any food?