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My Hour of Need!!!

Hey Phill…

what is your mom’s screen name, man? Maybe we can send her PM’s for best wishes…



stay strong bro !
we are all hoping for a speedy recovery for your moms.


I am awestruck bye the amount of response.

I am sorry at my unusual lack of rambling words, I just dont know what to say.

I just want you all to know how much it means to me to read all your resonses and know we are in your thoughts.

Kung her screen name is phyllis786. I am not sure whne she will be able to read them as of yet but that would be a very touching surprise for her when she is able. To see all the forumn pulling for her. Then she will kick my butt for spreading the news around, but it will be worth it.

Thnk you all again for being here for me in my time of need , I owe you all.

Your mother and her family are in my prayers.

J (a 99 44/100% lurker)

I just wanted to give one last show of appreciation to you all. I am going to try and force down a bite and try to rest a bit.

I figure I better practice what I will be preaching to her.

I am sure I will be back on befor I head out.

thank you all again.


Phill, all I can say is keep your head up and she’ll beat it again if she’s a fighter, and it looks like she is. I’ve know what you are going through. Just insill positive images in her head. I’ve you ever need to talk feel free to pm me. I know what you are going through. Believe me when I say that.

In Health always,

Silas C.


I’ve seen God heal people with cancer. I know He can I will be praying.

BTW, I’ve heard of some cancer remedies. I’ve heard the downloadable series on the net. I’ll include the link. For what it’s worth I thought you might like to know.


Peace to you,



  I always find you the most friendly and non confrontational persona round here.  I enjoy readin your log in the Steroid forum.  Just stay strong man.  I know how scary alot of what you have been through is.  My dad died of colon cancer when I was 10.  I pray every day my mom stays in good health till a ripe old age, but you gotta be ready for anything.  She's lucky to have a son that cares so much.  Keep your head up.

Everything is alright in the end, if it’s not alright, it’s not the end.


Keep your head up man. Cancer in a loved one is something that can really tear you down over time. Keep praying, as I’m sure everyone on this forum is doing (myself included). If your mom can wake up after a serious surgery and still muster a positive attitude like she did, I’m sure she can handle any other treatments.


I hope everything works out well for your mom, Phill. It goes to show how far conditioning can go.


I wish you the very best with your current situation. If you ever need to talk to anyone one on one, don’t hesitate to PM me pal!

We’re with you man.


Good luck with your situation, By the sound of it your mom will be just fine. I’m sure the Love and support you have shown her are the most important things in her life, keep it up and pull her through this.

Best Wishes,

Phil -

My best wishes to your mother and your family. I hope she pulls through. Stay strong.

My prayers are with your mother and entire family. What a blessing for her to have a son who helped her prepare physically for this challenge. Peace.
old dogg

Phill, Just wanting to add another set of prayers and thoughts to the list, she sounds like a fighter and after all you have done for her she has the best chance to pull through this that she possibly could have.


Phill, I’m truly sorry to hear what’s going on. You and your mom will be in my prayers tonight and even now as I write this. Keep us updated.

Your mom has beaten a lot already. Sounds like she’s in shape and I bet she pulls through; its just in the cards.

Well I am sorta stuck again over at my brothers house in hopes of getting some rest, not working for me still but he is sawing some logs. I think I may just head by foot back to the hospital befor long though.

First I feel I owe you all an update on the whole of the situation.

I tell you a big weight was lifted in just seeing my mom. I goota say she is a tough old bird. If it was not for the new hair due you really couldnt tell she was as sick as she is.

The latest word is that she might be in outpatient as early as tomarrow. The onlt thing she is left hooked to now is a BP monitor and heart monitor. When I arrived at 10am they removed the oxygen.

There is going to be extensive radition treatment to her head. They have targeted at least 2 more large groupings there so far.

She is allready itching to get the heck outta there and determined to not let this get her down. She was also extatic to hear the news about all of you being behind her. Though she mostly lurks, she holds this site and what you all do 4 others in the highest regard.

One more point I feel I need to stress again is that of the weights and diets we all are so overwhlmed with, for good reason. Though we are mainly doing this so we can be fit, big, strong, to flat out look good nekkid, and /or due to a love that grows for the iron game it becomes a permanent fixture in your life; I need to stress an aspect that all this work rewards us with that is often times overlooked. That of our health in general.

After speaking with her docs. breifly and also the response she received over the past months during her 1yr check ups from the last bout. Her new dedication to a T-style diet and lifting weights directly led to how good she is doing this time. Fact being that the doc said if she had just hung around and let herself go like 99% of the people who went through her last procedure she most likely would not have made it through last nights surgery.

Instead she has been concentrating on a solid lifechanging diet ( thank you JB, LL, the forumn in general and anyone else I miss for helping me help her with this) and employing one hell of a solid Program ABBH. (Thanks CW, I know we all praise your ABBH program for the gains we have received from it in strength and appearance but I have a new higher respect for an already proven solid program. While I adapted it a tad to fit her, it is still 99.9% your program. Thank you)These changes not only saved her from her procedures last night but have given her a quality of life over the past months that the doctor says no one he has seen gets to after her last procedure.

She broke all records for recovery, and surpassed the level of fitness, and health that anyone he has seen with such a procedure, and all in just under 1 year.

The weights diet and cardio among other benefits led directly to of course major body comp benefits. While she was never fat, I will say she was beginning to get down right HARD. Not bad looking either for a mother in her fifties. It led to the 1 remaining lung not only becoming more effcient but also expanding and bocoming larger. The last thing I can remember right now is her posture. He said that ppl who have a lung removed walk the rest of thier days with a bad lean to one side causing back and other probs. Well the weight program negated that totally. By strengthening her core muscles she had a perfect posture not seen in such patients. Damn, another reason to keep doing those deads and squats.

Well, I am going to end this here and walk back up and see her. I just had to stop in and give my thanks once again. You all really dont know what your words truley mean to me and my mother, and how you are helping me through this time. I simply dont know how to voice it.

While she may just lurk and sometimes doesnt even do that for a week here or week there, She always gets her dose of the Mag & forumn through me, and our conversations. Asking me ?'s which I answer many time through info. I attained here, or I will seek the answer here if I dont have it all ready. Just know she does, as I do, appreciate and have the deepest respect for the Mag, the forumn, and all we stand for.

1 last thing I gotta say is not only thank you, but I dont think other ppl out there know what a strong caring community we have here. A group of ppl that have many times, and for the most part, will never never met in person. But are able to come together and help a fellow of the community in need with true heart felt care and compassion.

Thank you, I will keep you all updated.

Sorry by the way I am sure there are quite a bit more than usual sp and such mistakes in this but I think you will all get it.

Hope it all goes good, man!