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My Hour of Need!!!

Hello, fello T-Peeps

I will try and make a long story short.

The reason I am posting here and not the off topic section is do to the fact that most of the ppl I deal with on a regular basis are on this section of the forumn.

Many of you all know me, some not, if not hello and welcome. Everything has been going great for me as of late. Grad. school, life, training, diet, etc… This after some tough time about a year ago now with my mother and a fight she was having with cancer.

Well she made it through that fight and in her recovery I turned to T-mag for some help and inisight and received it and was able to pass that on to her. Eventually I even got her to pop in here and begin to lurk around, and she even won a lurker award a few months back and loved the Grow she received, and has been hooked ever since.

Anyway, it being the one year mark she has been going to all sorts of test and such, which have dredged up many old memories that have been tough. The last of the major check ups, which took place last week, was better than good. She received a clear bill of health and the doc. was elated at what her new T-diet and the ABBH style training I had her doing was accomplishing. She had broken all the records for recovery and now had surpassed in a year the point @ which most ppl who lose a lung ever reach.

So all going great with her, and me. She was having some regular headaches, but so was everyone @ her office due to allergies. Again no big deal.

Well this morning I receive a call from my brother. My mom was rushed to the hospital last night in major pain in her head and other weird symptoms. They checked her out and found three tumors in her brain they had somehow not seen. 1 of the turmors at the base of her neck and was not allowing fluid to drain causing pressure and swelling. 1 hr later as I am running getting stuff taken care of I receive another call. They dont get to meet with the doc., instead they are rushing her into surgery.

So that brings us up to this point. I just received another update. They are done with 6 hrs of surgery to remove the 1 tumor that was blocking the draining. It was a matter of life or death to get it out. Doc. said she did well much was due to the fact she had gotten herself in such good shape. If she hadnt turned herself into a T-woman then she most likely would not have made it.

Meantime I have rushed around and got all my details ironed out so I can get my a$# home to her. Now I am just stuck here waiting for my flight to roll around in the AM. Popping in here and doing crap around the appt. to try and keep busy and get my mind off this. Any help and distraction from you all would be good.

By the way this probably goes without saying but my M1T log in the steroid forumn will have to be on hold for a bit. Gotta turn my attention to more pressing issues and then come back when I get her straight and dedicate some serious training/growing to a strong woman.

Thanks for hearing me out guys and for all the help upm to this point and in the future. A special thanks to TT of course for going above and beyond as usual.


Oh man! I hope the posts start rolling in. It’s fantastic that her quality of life has been improved by your training and dieting advice, and that it all translated into an even better chance at getting through this. You must be proud of her. Hang in there.


Phill, hang in there. If anything can help it will be an improved level of fitness. I’m sure everyone who reads this will be pulling for you like I am.

Thanks tim,

I just dont know what to think. I am just still in shock over the whole of the situation. Kind of just drawing a blank, it hasnt really hit me, and being 16+hrs away there is nothing I can do but wait.

Phill, you must be going stir crazy, but of course you know what to think: you’ve done what you could to help your mom after a bad situation, and it worked! She did better than 99.99% of people in her situation, and the benefits helped her in the recovery room. All things considered, that’s phenomenal, and the family has your urging and knowledge to thank for that. You have given her a valuable edge that’s working in her favor. No one could have done more. Hang onto that; it’s no small thing.


Oh, Phill, I’m so sorry to hear the news. My thoughts and prayers – the thoughts and prayers of the WHOLE FORUM – are with you.

I pray for her speeedy recovery, and I pray that God gives you the strength you need to get you through the coming days.

Take care of your mom and take care of yourself. There isn’t anything else in this world that matters more.

Please give your mom a hug from me.


sorry to hear that Phil, my cousin many years ago had a tumour removed from his brain, he is still with us today although be it with some disability on his left hand side.

Everytime i see him it always takes me back to ‘how things were’, but i am glad he still around.

It is a numbe feeling but try and hold tight man and keep praying.

Take Care

Man, you and your mother have my thought and prayers man…

just stay as positive as yu can man, it rubs off on our loved ones more than we can believe…trust me, I know.

Much love and care man,


Thank you all, for you wishes and prayers,

I just got the latest update on the situation. The surgery is over. She made it through like a trooper. They focused only on the 1 tumor the others being to small and spread out to get with surgery.

Good news is that doc said that it should be very successfully treated by radiation.

Bad news is that it is the same cancer that she had in her lung and it spread to her brain. So it could actually be everywhere and simply to small to detect.

I guess the next step is then waking her in the am and seeing if all functions are good after having to do brain surgery.

In the meantime I am doing my best to pass these hrs, and stay as positive as I can. It is simply tough to come to the realization that I will be going back there for a short stay to help anyway I can, but it tears me up to think I have to leave again and be 16hrs away while they go through this stuff.

The only thing that helps is that I know that my mom would kick my butt if I didnt.

Just a tough situation for me, and all this time to think about it doesnt is tough.

once again, Thank You all



I’m very shocked and saddened by your news. My sympathy goes out to both you and your mother. Please keep in touch with her situation.


New news,

Just got another call. They were supposed to keep her down so they have her on sedatives. Well it didnt work.

The tough old girl woke up none the less. They let my bro. in and she was talking and moving her arms around and such. He said she was confused as hell and trying to ask him what happened but has tubes in her and such.

So he explained what happened and what the plan is with the radiation.

Said she just shrugged her shoulders and gave him this look that she has, That I also know, that means “no big deal, I can beat this.”

I am just amazed. Very reassuring.

Now they are going to give her higher doses and restrain her so she cant move and disrupt anything and I can talk with her in the am when I get there.


may God’s will be what you want it to be.

Phil, I am very sorry to hear the news,and I know that all will go well!Keep your head up,and please keep us posted on her progress.Take care!


Your mom is in my prayers. Tell her that the entire T-family is rooting for her to get through this and back to good health. Have a safe trip to see her. God bless you and your entire family.


I dont know what else to say but, thank you all for your replies. They are really helping.Giving me some positives to view. This empty time is just a pain to fill.

I will 4 sure tell her that the whole of T-nation is on her side. That will really touch her.

The latest news that I received about her waking up and such has really helped and I just cant wait to get on that plane.

I will keep you all updated for sure on what isgoing on as I have time. It will be reassuring to know you all are rooting for her.

Thanks again,


Whoa! She sounds pretty tough! we’re with you.


Keep your head up! Be strong for your mom and let the Lord and The T-Nation be your strength. We are all praying for your mom and your family and salute you for your efforts thus far.

Remember, life is not defined by the number of breathes we take but by the moments that take our breath away.

May God bless you all

Hi Phill,
Just wanted to add my thoughts and well wishes to the rest.

This is in no way a highjack, I just wanted to add how great a thing it is in this day and age to have a site/forum like this where you can have total strangers come together to help another person out when they are in need! Again best of luck,and have a safe trip Phill

You have my sincerest sympathies. I would also offer you the strength and the courage to get through the situation but it seems like you have that in spades. Instead, I, like all the other forummers here can simply hope for the best with you and help you pass the time until you can get on that plane. That must be the absolute worst. Just sitting, just thinking.

It is funny how life works sometimes but with you and her going into this as you are, with such a positive outlook, I am sure that you will emerge in the best possible circumstances, and though everything might not be as you would want it, you have to realize that its the best it can be and its because of all you put into it. Our thoughts, our hearts, and our prayers are with you. May this be no more difficult for you than it has to be, but as it will be not be easy; we are here. Jason.