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My Hopes for Strikeforce...

I’m hoping they use Fedor to build their brand, but not in the normal MMA since. I hope they use this revenue (assuming fedor doesn’t put them out) is to build woman’s MMA. Who would be their competition? If they had three men’s weight classes, and three woman’s weight classes, I think they could build up a nice show.

I hope they do well too, the more orginations out the better. I think it would be better for the fighter also. When you have one orgination with all the top fighters they dictate how the pay goes and mma fighters are underpaid IMO. It is nothing close to what boxers get and I hope that changes.

Unless Gina or Santos are one of the women fghting on the card I don’t think it will ever be a huge draw, unless the talent pool adds a whole lot more girls with the strength and technique these two ladies have. It’s not impossible mind you, but I haven’t seen much exciting talent, and it will take a long time to build. J

ust like the WNBA, it will never be as good as the mens divisions, and I don’t think promoters have the money to blow trying to build it as such. I think mixed cards will be bad for business. One token womens fight on a card? Sure, but no more than that.

I, for one, don’t care about womens mma other than this paritcular fight. The rest of it is just, meh.

They need to revamp their production and commentators…damn are they awful.

I’m watching right now and I agree with needing to up the production quality. I expect more from an organization at this level. I’m all for them replacing Shamrock with Bas Rutten too.

Not many people care about women’s MMA. I’d rather they snag a few more free agents to create exciting fights for Fedor and Mousasi. Then I hope Strikeforce runs out of money, clearing the path for Fedor and Mousasi to finally join the UFC and dominate. Oh, and Cyborg may fight in the women’s division, but she is no lady!


If this is true strikeforce is dead to me.

[quote]John S. wrote:

If this is true strikeforce is dead to me.[/quote]

What would be the point?

[quote]John S. wrote:

If this is true strikeforce is dead to me.[/quote]

this can’t be true…it just can’t

God no. Ricco “Suave” had his last fight at the Oil Palace in Tyler,TX against Doug Williams(??) from Carthage,TX. Google those places to get a perspective on how him being an opponent for Fedor is just ridiculous.

Wow, Mousasi sure looked Fedor-esque against Babalu… if only one could invest in a fighter as they do with racehorses.

I guess all the training Mousasi has been doing with Fedor is paying off! lol

Fuck Ricco vs. Fedor…for real who the fuck really wants to see that…I for one don’t give a shit to see Ricco fight.

Nobody wants to see him, and I seriously doubt Scott Coker is that dumb.

I got some good news

Fedor will not be fighting Ricco.

As noble and righteous as a promotion built around women’s MMA sounds, it simply will not work. It has only buoyed EliteXC/Strikeforce because Gina Carano is extremely good looking and become a celebrity who shines outside the boundaries of the sport.

Fact of the matter, she was never supremely talented and what happened with her and Cris Cyborg was inevitable. She was coddled and given carefully chosen undersized competitors throughout her career because she was hot. What on the surface appeared to be some gender equality freedom fighter was actually sexist, which I find humorous. Women’s MMA is a scattered, thin, talent pool, and most of the great talents out there like Tara Larosa and Megumi Fuji are at 135 pounds and below.

Reading people’s reaction to the Cyborg/Carano fight, 95% of the comments, even from hardcore MMA fans themselves, are about the physical attractiveness of the two women. Basing a promotion around something that can easily be usurped by softcore porn isn’t going to get you anywhere, especially now that Carano is knocked off.

Strikeforce has to establish strong male fighters in the sport’s traditional divisions who can become stars. And they have to find a way to make money doing that. I wish them luck, because right now they appear to be spending a whole lot more money than they used to without getting much return.

Hopefully it’s Werdum, then a title fight with Overeem. Rogers needs a couple more good fights for that match-up to be even mildly interesting. Plus, he may be the most marketable and they should spend some time building him up a bit.