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My Homemade Sled


This is my homemade sled made from the seat of an old wooden chair, dowel, chains and soft nylon rope.



How bout some pics with it in action.


you tried it out yet? i just got a sled to start doing some extra training besides weights.


I'm taking it out again on saturday morning, I'll post pics.

The lane behind my house is a gravel road full of pot holes so I'll have to find a nice field for a smoother ride.


That's a good idea. I remember reading of sleds in an article here and thought it would be good on leg day. I might try to rig one up myself. Bang for the buck this is a great idea.


Damn, impressive!!!Good job...


You could actually get some metal pipe fittings (flange and some pipe with an outside diameter a little less than 2") and give it some push handles too.


Now that is an awesome idea. Ghetto prowler.