My Home Gym

Here are some pictures of my home gym. I thought I would share my basement with all of you…

45-degree angled leg press
supine bench
power rack
selectorized lat pulldown
seated plate loaded calf raise
0-90 degree multi-adjustable bench
leg raise/parrallel dip station
2 x 1,500 lb capacity chrome plated
5-100 lb dumbbells
18 x 45lb plates, and a bunch of
smaller ones.

With a wife, two kids, and a full time job, I knew a home gym was the only way I could keep my lifting passion alive.

I’d hit it.

Another picture…

Another image…

My trap bar… from PDA.

The 45 degree angled leg press.

Seated calf raise…

0-90 degree bench.

Lat pulldown…

You’re a lucky bastard.

nice set up man…

Can you provide a ballpark figure on how much your set up cost you?

Where did you get the Roman Chair from it is exactly what I’m looking for for my own home gym.

Damn man, thats friggen awesome. Definately something to invest in I think, bceause it’s something you will always have and if your kids ever get into liftin, they can share the experience. Awesome man. Good job. I’m jealous lol.

How much does a setup like that cost? It looks like a great place to workout

Might as well start taking memberships and make some money to boot. You got everything you need. :slight_smile:



How big is that room and how tall is the ceiling?? That looks like a good setup and would work out nice in my house if there is enough room.

Thats awesome!

Thanks for all the comments.

The room is about 30x20 and the ceiling is 8’ - hopefully, I’m out of this house in 3-5 years and will have 9’ ceilings or even a separate heated shed… I haven’t decided yet.

All of the equipment (excluding the elliptical, bars, dumbbells, and plates) are from Reflex Fitness in Illinois.

The whole deal set me back about 12K, but I have figured I will save that much in 5-6 years (on gym membership fees, gas and car wear for the 14 mile round trip).