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My Home Gym

Here’s the best investment I’ve ever made. I’m sure anyone who has lifted at a commercial gym and then gotten their own stuff will attest to this statement.

I don’t have kids yet, but that was actually the catalyst behind me buying my own equipment. An older, yet obviously jaded, guy I work with said when I have kids, it’s all over. I remember him around town when I was younger. He was a pretty big guy then. He’s still big now, but no where near as muscular.

I don’t believe his statement completely, but I can imagine how much more difficult it could be to train with the responsibility of kids. Therefore I’m trying to head things off at the pass by making it as convenient as possible.

Also, we moved about a year ago. It seemed like a good time to start getting things together, since we bought a house 60 miles away from my old gym.

Anyway this is my little piece of paradise…or pain, whichever way you choose to look at it.

Notice the keg and accompanying “keg-erator” in the back. The keg isn’t a training tool yet - strictly for recreational purposes only.:slight_smile:

Also the green army duffel bag is filled with 150 lbs. of sand. If you’ve never tried to pick up an odd-shaped object this heavy straight off the floor, it’s a bitch. I know, I know. To all the strongman competitors out there, I just looked like a HUGE pussy.

150 pound sack…scoff…HUGE pussy!

i once grabbed a great white shark by the jaw and snapped his neck then dragged him on shore and danced around naked with sticks.

nice paradise of pain.

That’s awesome. I wish I had a home gym too. I’m stuck training at my college gym around a bunch of frat boys. Ah well. Some day… some day…

Hey, looks like you’ve got a good thing there. Right now I’m at a commercial gym and it suuucks.

I wouldn’t buy into that stuff about it all being over once you’ve got kids. I knew a guy who didn’t get into training until after he had two little ones running around. Had pretty much the same set-up it looks like you had. He just made sure he had time to work out when he needed it, and he was still one hell of a father.

So anyway, it looks like you’ve got a good start on everything. Keep it up.

My last gym had a bunch of a frat boys. They were more worried about how they looked than how to train correctly. Plus, I don’t know how many were on juice, but didn’t eat right and drank every night AND had no base physique to start with. Training routine: bench with back hyperextension while partner is upright rowing 50 lbs. … supersetted with alternate DB curls in front of the mirror, in front of the rack while seeing who is checking him out.

Is it heated?
Nice home/garage gym, mine still shares space with a lawnmower and grill that have to be moved to lift, not to mention the midwestern winters can be a bit cold about January.

Cool looking gym.

Looks similar to my Weider setup except it actually has the bar rack in the correct spot (back instead of front).
For temperature, I open the door to the house for summer time (with A/C on) and use a space heater in winter.
I have a couple of kids and find that early morning workouts (with a training partner for motivation/consistency) give the best balance for family/training time.

Good Luck.

Where did you get the mirrors? I’ve looked for the large ones, but they seem way too expensive.

I got back into training again about 6 mos after my first kid, and have managed to continue even with the addition of my second kid. I started out with a little pussy ass DP weight set and have since moved up to a bench with squat stands. I love working out at home and I think it is a huge part of my consistancy. I like gyms, I still use them when out of town for work, but the home gym is the best. I do what I want, when I want and I am able to add to it all the time. For the rip-off price of gym fees for 1 year I have put in a what I have. Plus if I can make it instead of buy it I do that too. The only drawback I guess is checking out the women at the gyms, but hell that is a drawback on your workouts. Of course my wife thinks I am masterbating down in the basement istead of working out because I make so much noise! Those deadlifts are cruel.

Nice setup! I wish I had a garage to put my gym equipment in! Instead, I recently converted a second bedroom in my apartment to my own gym and purchased a power rack, EZ bar, weight tree, flat bench and 300lb Olympic weight set to go with my chin bar, kbells, jump rope, Swiss balls, med balls and pushup bars.

Setting up my own home gym is definitely the best thing I’ve done. I absolutely love it!

I don’t plan on having children or getting married anytime soon. The girlfriend and I are on the "10-year-plan for marriage and debating on if we’d ever want children, as it doesn’t quite fit into our lifestyle and current goals.

But, I have a friend, 34, that had a child almost two years ago. He is a top Olympic lifter and still continues to train hard. In fact, he recently had a chance to go to the Olympic trials and compete for a spot on the Olympic Weightlifting team. He works full time as a PT while his wife is currently at home taking care of the child. He trains 3-4 times a week, takes care of the house and spends time with his kid and occasionally gets out for a “boy’s night” every now and then. So it’s really how you organize your life and what your priorities are. It can be done!

[quote]FCFighter wrote:
I don’t believe his statement completely, but I can imagine how much more difficult it could be to train with the responsibility of kids.

I would say that when you have kids, it’s even more important to occasionally get your ass out of the house and away from them for an hour or two. I think a lot of people, in placing their kids first on the list, think that they have to drop themselves off the list altogether. I’ll certainly buy baby clothes before I buy some nifty new workout gear, but I’m still looking for how I can buy both.

besides, it’s good for the kids if you take pride in yourself and make time for yourself. It seems like most of the kids I grew up with had this impression that once you got married and had kids, your life was over, and you never got to do anything fun or cool ever again. I want my kids to find it completely obvious that I’m still having a blast.

Mine too shares space with a lawnmower when not being used. No, it isn’t heated or air-conditioned yet. It’s not too big of a deal most of the time. On really hot days I usually end up cutting things short a bit.

In the winter I dress warm and even wear heavy ski gloves. By the end of my workout I’m usually down to a T-shirt. But I know what you mean by midwestern winters.

Yeah I like the bar rack on the back, but it doesn’t go quite high enough to comfortably unrack anything at shoulder height. You have to kind of squat down to get underneath it.

My dad gave me four of those mirrors. He got them for free from his work, but he said they are probably $100-150 a piece.

My wife comes out to the garage at least once a workout and asks if I’m okay because of the noise I make if I’m straining. And I’m not one of those retards that has to scream and grunt on every single rep.

Nate Dogg,
Sounds like you have a pretty good set-up too. I saw your thread “I finally did it…” Congratulations.

 We just moved from an apartment about a year ago. I thought about weights in one of the bedrooms. But both were on the second floor of our townhouse and I'm wasn't sure how much load those floors would bare.

 Just about a month ago my dad helped me build a 2'x2'x14 1/2" box for box squats. That's my latest addition not included in the pic. Also, in the house we have a True elliptical trainer.

 I know I'll make working out a priority, even after kids. As Chris Shugart says, "Display Adaptability". It sure doesn't hurt to make things as convenient as possible though! 

A buddy of mine told me once he read something that said kids look to their father as the example when it comes to physical fitness. No offense intended to any mothers or females that might read this, because I think it’s important that they also be positive role models to keep active. But that gives me even more incentive to keep it up.

Good set-up. Mine is similar (sans sand bag), but lacks specific row set-up. Looking to add a low pulley and slider at some point. Not in the cards right now though. used to have mine in a garage that got into the low 30’s in the winter, and high 70’s (at 5:00 am) in the summer. Not a problem any more. And I got all mine second-hand (except for the dip stand, which I built from pipe), the whole set-up didn’t cost me more than $300 (including all plates).

“Don’t have kids yet?!” Wow, it’s a good thing that Stewart can’t read, or he’d be pissed!

Cool stuff guy, and keep working on that keg!


And with the kids thing – when my daughter was born, it took me all of about 4 weeks to get back on track completely. How long does a workout take? People who say it shoots their life totally into the toilet… Well, I just have to question their dedication in the first place.