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My Home Gym


So like most of you im sure, I have allways wanted my own home gym. Well I have finally been able to get enough equipment together to consider mine 99% complete. All I need now is a big tire, a sled, a keg, and chains . Oh yeah, and Slayer as my house band.

I would also like a log lift so if any of you have any ideas as to how to make one please let me know.


There is a bunch of stuff in this pic you cant make out or see, Like an 80lb sandbag (right in front of the bench) a basketball full of sand because medicine balls are expensive. That big dumbell looking thing to the right of the bench is a stone trainer (elite fitness) two 50 lb dumbells an assortment of gripping tools and stretch bands, and a broken 10 lb sledghammer (god damn it).


Very nice. I love having a home gym - it's great.

That's an awesome set-up!


Pretty, pretttttttty, pretttttttttttttttttty good.


You're missing the stripper poles ...


That's a nice looking rack, what kind is it?

Love having a home gym, best investment I've ever made.


Looks good. I'm jealous.

Didn't you use to train in a dungeon before?


Miss my home gym. Don't have anywhere to set it up after I moved so it's all crammed in a storage shed. You should check out craigslist and Texas Strength Systems. You can find killer deals on plates and db's and such off Craigslist, and TSS has all the same shit as Elite at a fracton of the price.


so(oooooo) jealous of people with home gym set ups. yours looks good :slightly_smiling:


Dungeon, what. If golds gym Kirkland is a dungeon, then yes.


Oh, okay. Sorry, my bad.

Based on some of your pictures, I assumed that you used to train in your basement/dungeon.


Nice bro, im working on a home gym right now.


Are there any fitness equipment warehouses in Washington with a good selection for racks/barbells/plates? I don't really have a need for a home gym, its more of a want so the price of shipping mostly what has stopped me from doing it, would rather pick it up in person.


Play it again sports and craigslist are the best resources for equipment. There is a nice power rack at the play it again in woodinville right now. Body solid 500 bucks.


I am so freaking jealous of you


Might be thinking of Tiribulus. Pretty sure he moved and sold his stuff.


Ahh one of these days, I will have my own setup, thats a nice looking training room bro, enjoy it.


Sorry to be off topic, but that avi is fucking hilarious!


Had an ahha moment today while in the garage. I scored another ez curl bar over the weekend so now I have two. I realized I can load them both up and use them like farmers walk implements, Badass.


I have been planning on getting two tricep bars for this purpose. It seems it would be hard to balance an ez curl bar just because the weight doesn't hang below the handle.