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My High Freq-High Vol Routine


No its not high frequency AND high volume. Its 4 weeks of high frequency and 4 weeks of high volume.



flat bench/ Incline bench/ decline bench
t bar rows/ bb rows/ machine rows
chin ups/ pull downs/ bar pull ups
squats/ leg press/ machine press
leg curls/ stiff deads/ good mornings
push press/ db press/ bb press
bb curls/ db curls/ preacher curls
skull crushers/ cg bench/ dips
standing calf press/ seated calf press/ lying calf press
weighted crunch/ side bench crunch/ reverse crunch

3 sets. reps up to 15. when I get to 15 reps i add 5lbs. 45 sec. rest


incline bench
flat bench
decline bench
cg bench

t bar rows
bb rows
chin ups
pull downs
bb curls
db curls
machine preacher curls

bb press
db press
side lat raises
bent lat raises
weighted crunch
SS crunch

leg press
stiff deads
leg curls
standing calf press
seated calf press
lying calf press

4 sets. reps of 12 down to 6. adding weight every set. 45-60 sec. rest.

what do you think?

Also, aside from eating my brains out Im gonig to be taking

ON protein
Volu Grow creatine
Mass FX (8 weeks)
Hyperdrol (8 weeks)
and I have a left over M-stak bottle but I dont know if Ill use it?

hows it look?


have the paramedics come to each of your workouts so that they can revive you at the end.


Um, it looks like 30 exercises, 90 sets and 1,350 reps.

Are you Clark Kent?


It looks fucking dumb.


You just crammed too much shit in there. Higher frequency means lower volume and high volume means less exercises per session.


Why would you do this? Perhaps there is a mis-understanding.
If you are serious.....you would have to reduce the resistance your using to a point that it would become an endurance event; not a weight training session.

I'm certain Clark Kent would know better.


I am guessing that his "high frequency" program is written not to mean that all three of each set of three exercises is done all three days of the week, but each day gets ONE of those exercises.

If so it's 10 exercises, 3 sets each, 90 sets total for the week. Pretty high volume but not absolutely extreme.

Why the reference to high frequency OR high volume, I don't get though, as the "high volume" program seems to be 6 exercises, 4 sets each, thus 24 sets per workout and 96 sets per week. Which is almost exactly the same volume.

So why the statement that it's not both high frequency and high volume, but one or the other?


ya during the tbt I have an A, B, and C workout..Im not doing 3 chest, 3 back, 3 legs ect a day that would be retarded.


Didn't, just recently, you asked about CW's BNF routine because you wanted to try that?

Before that you tried making up your own routine only 7 days ago that was just as complicated and going every which was as this? And that's because you were doing one of Waterbury's Total Body Training program for (get ready) A WHOPPING 6 WEEKS, where you apparently made good progress but you wanted "a change"?? For no apparent reason.

You need to pick one exercise program and actually stick to it for 10-12 weeks MINIMUM and asses how it's worked for you.

I used to be you, I used to switch from program to program and I made nooo progress for a year. Then I decided to stick to one split and just focus on getting much stronger in the 5-10 rep range while eating enough to actually have myself grow. This was after I read a bunch of inspirational shit from Dante and a lot of the stuff that people on this site like Prof X have been stating forever. And since Halloween I've put on 20 pounds while only gaining an inch on my waist.

After a year of stagnation, I realized what was reaaally important in training and now I'm making progress again.

You need to do the same.