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My HGH Usage Caused Hypothyroidism. Advice


MY STORY : Hi. I am 28, height - 177cms, weight - 83kgs. On my friend's recommendation I started taking Hygetropin for fat loss. I weight train 3 times a week, so 2IU on the days I work out. I started at 83kgs and in no time lost 2 kgs and hit 81. I was hovering around that weight for that time.

This course of HGH dosing went about for 2 months (3 times/ week - 2UI per dose). Though I kept working out, because of travel and diet I dint lose further and kept hovering at the 81.XX weight mark.

SUDDEN WEIGHT GAIN : Suddenly, my weight started shooting and hit 82.XX then 83.XX and 84.XX and almost hit 85 in a span of 10 days. I started panicking. Despite me dieting and increase my cardio and workout I did not lose weight. I struck to me that it could by hypothyroidism as this gain was too sudden and too persistent. I got a blood test done and result showed what I anticipated. My T4 & T3 levels have drastically fallen.

CORRECTION METHODS : I started taking T3 (Cytomel) tablets. My dosage started with 25mcg a day and hit 75mcg in a week's time. I noticed my weight instantly dropped back to 84kgs in 2 days time. Could also feel the effect of the medicine with bowel moments throughout the day. With a little more effort I lost some more and reached 83Kgs. But the problem is I have hit a plateau. I'm not able to reach my old weight of 81Kgs despite decent efforts.

HGH & T4 CONNECTION : I have done some research online and founds of that GH coverts the T4 into T3. Hence when the T3 is higher, we lose fat. But once the body depletes the T4 available, the levels of T3 & T4 fall drastically, which leads to hypothyroidism, which happened in my case.

CORRECT HGH CYCLE : I need some guidance on how do I use GH without the long term side-effects. I did not have any knowledge and relied on friends at the gym & internet forums. I primarily want to use it for fat-loss over building muscle as I have a endomorphic body which tends to gain muscle and fat quickly. How do I go on a GH cycle and how to make sure I dont end up with hypothyroidism again.


I often wonder if testosterone increases the use of thyroid hormones and therefore raises TSH levels. It just makes sense that it would.


From what I understand GH supplementation calls for higher thyroid hormone output. I think you were already slightly hypothyroid which GH exceberated. To effectively supplement GH I think one needs strong thyroid to start with.

To answer your question, I don’t think you have an effective way to GH supplement UNTIL you fix your thyroid.


Thanks guys! I do have mild hypothyroidism. I earlier got it once when I was on GH, supplementing or anything. I took a course of T3 for 2 weeks and things were back to normal. I’ll have a word with an endocrinologist and see if there any way I can “fix” my thyroid issues. I read online somewhere that, while on GH take a mild dose of T4 so that your body’s T4 levels are not depleted and it’ll have enough of it to convert to T3. Any thoughts on that?


Please read the ‘thyroid basics’ sticky and note references to iodine and iodine deficiency. Your only reliable source of iodine would be iodized salt which needs to be used steady long term. I don’t think that GH does what you claim. Check your waking and mid-afternoon body temperatures. Note that you need selenium in your diet and decent levels of ferritin are needed to support T4–>T3. Thyroid health issues are very complex and you cannot rely on doctors, you need to understand these things yourself. There is also the possibility of thyroid autoimmune disease and you need specific labs to determine that.


@KsMan - Thank you very much! That was very helpful. will go thru that post on thyroid.


I’ve been on hgh for almost 15 years. Year round. Hgh puts a higher demand on thyroid. They go hand and hand. This is the reason why bodybuilders use thyroid along with hgh during contest prep. It increases the fat burning effect of the growth.


Selenium is such an important over looked mineral. It also helps your body block virus at the cell level. Another vital thing selenium does is bind with mercury to help flush out of the body. If you eat tuna often you need to consume selenium. Brazil nuts are loaded with it and are one of the only plant based complete proteins.

Sorry to go on a tangent but thought it would be useful info.


Hi Rico - what was your dosage of GH on an avg for 15 years. Did you experience any growth in jaws or forehead. Till now I’ve had only abt 60-70 IU over a course of 3 months, but I still get the jitters panicking if my jaw is starting to enlarge. I have mild prognathism (protruding jaw). So dont wanna make it worse!



I started out at 1.8 units e/d. I’m now on a little over 2 e/d. My shoe size went from 12 to 13 in a year’s time. Never grew anymore after that. No jaw but my forehead slightly grew above my eyes(around eye sock). Nothing else to report though. I hear the shoe size increase is most common.