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My HGH Log

So I am a 38 male who over the years of play a lot of competitive sports my body has started to show its wear!! So after much thought and research I am trying to HGH to see is this will help my body from breaking down! I have never tried stuff like this, just have taken some muscle pumps and protein powders when working out. I have had ACL replacement done over 2 years after this I noticed my weight was getting harder and harder to control was going up more then going down! Lol just getting tired of working out and cant do certain lifts cause my shoulder or elbow feel like they are going to explode on me. Figure would share my info as I start my HGH journey!
I stand 6’2 weight today is 275 lbs this is day one of HGH
I workout 4-5 times a week which includes at least 20mins of cardio
My eating habits/diet isn’t the best but that will change as I am HGH
I am starting with 2iu, 5 on 2 off and will increase my iu as time goes on

Will do a weigh in and add any comments about how my body is acting to HGH once a week.

Just figure I would share my journal on my HGH cycle for those who are looking and thinking of trying HGH

at 6’2 275 how much % bodyfat are you? If your diet is off and ur hoping hgh is going to do all the work for you its not going happen

I know hgh isnt going to do all the work! using it more to help my body, certain joints on me are wearing down and hoping this will help me with that on my workouts! plus any kind of weight lose will be a positive for me! Body fat is about a 12%

You’re 6’2’’ 275 at 12% bodyfat?

When are you going to compete in the Olympia bro?

There’s no problem with your decision to take HGH if you think it will help out your health, but please learn a thing or two about diet and bodyfat percentages at the very least before you do it. It seems like you’re either very misguided or have the best genetics on the planet to be 275, 12% and never having taken anything.

sorry that was a iphone mistake should be 22%, not here to be judge by anyone just sharing my info. As stated in my first post I know my diet isnt the best that will change. thanks for the concern

Day 2: finger tips where tingling all day and my lips felt like numb, felt like I went dentist and the feezing was wearing off that kind of feeling if you understand what I am saying.

Day 3: had a awesome sleep, best sleep I had in months, starting to feel like I got more and more energy this last few days. One thing I noticed is I got really dry mouth been drinking a lot of water which results in me heading to the can it seems like ever hour

if you clean up ur diet man hgh will work wonders both in keeping muscle mass, leaning you out and added energy. Take the opportunity man, get your diet in order and depending on how long your running it for i wouldnt be surprised if you lost 3-5% bodyfat with little to no muscle loss.

Started week 2 up my IU’s to 3 per day still on the 5 on 2 off schedule havent really experinced any side affects yet that some people have talked about. No weight change but didnt expect that yet. Energy level is way up and hungry all the time!! have to say have had some of my best sleeps this last week, when you pass out you pass out but hard part is trying to get out of bed to get your day started!

Workouts with the increased energy level going good, still some joint pain in my elbow and shoulder but still lifting the same weight.

Thanks for sharing! Have you read “The HGH Experiment” thread? If not, I recommmend it:)

Good thread! I look forward to reading about your experiences.


How are you injecting it? IM? Sub-Q?

End of week 3 and still on 3IU’S noticed a few things this last week, stomach is bloated and I feel sore all the time, sore all over. As soon as I eat my stmach just feels bloated but the biggest thing is how sore I feel when I wake up and throughout the day. Not joint soreness muscle soreness.

Down 5lbs my workouts no strength lose or gains in my workouts but my muscles feel fuller and tighter. I am using the insulin needles injecting them into my stomach area. Not into injecting it into my iv veins like I read in some of the post. Just dont think I could do that personnal.

Week 4 I will continue with 3IU’S then week 5 will go up to 4IU’s thinking I will do 2IU in the morning then 2IU post workout.

sorry forgot to add yes i am doing Sub-q shots but thinking when I move up to 4IU’s i might do IM shots, wanted to see how my body was reacting to the HGH and just dont know where I would want to do the IM shots. I know the Sub Q shots release the HGH slower into your system and help with fat lose. So unsure what I will do got as week to think about it.

Was thinking of when I move up to 4IU to do 2IU in the morning Sub then do my 2IU post workout IM any thoughts on that?