My HGH Log

So I am a 38 male who over the years of play a lot of competitive sports my body has started to show its wear!! So after much thought and research I am trying to HGH to see is this will help my body from breaking down! I have never tried stuff like this, just have taken some muscle pumps and protein powders when working out. I have had ACL replacement done over 2 years after this I noticed my weight was getting harder and harder to control was going up more then going down! Lol anyway just getting tired of working out and cant do certain lifts cause my shoulder or elbow are going to explode on me. Anyway just figure would share my info as I start my HGH journey!
I stand 6’2 weight today is 275 lbs this is day one of HGH
I workout 4-5 times a week which includes at least 20mins of cardio
My eating habits/diet isn’t the best but that will change as I am HGH
I am starting with 2iu, 5 on 2 off and will increase my iu as time goes on

Will do a weigh in and add any comments about how my body is acting to HGH once a week.

Just figure I would share my journal on my HGH cycle for those who are looking and thinking of trying HGH

Interesting project.

Curious if you’re doing this on your own or are you working with a doc or health professional? Are you tracking bloodwork and do you have a set of MRI’s (or similar) to compare future scans with to see healing progress?

Just doing this on my own, dont want to get to technical, just going to be reporting my weight each week how I feel over all, how my workouts are. I have done alot of reserach on this lots of reading on the forums on this site and others about HGH, so I know the good things and bad things about it.

This will be a 3 month run for me if I see positive results I will continue using HGH for another 3 months. I know people say you should take it for 6 months or longer to see the results but think after 3 months my body will be showing and telling me if the HGH is working.

day 2: didnt really think I would feel anything yet but my fingers tips are tingling and my lips feel numb feels like I went to the dentist and the freezing is wearing off that kind of feeling if that makes sense!lol

Yes I, and I suspect a number of others, will enjoy watching this thread. I have never used it but have used the growth hormone peptides. Out of curiosity, what do you figure a one month supply will cost you at the levels you plan on using?