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My HGH - INSULIN - AS Cycle; BBB Protocol


Hy everybody, after reading a lot about these hormones and the posibility of getting them in the drugstore in my contry at a fair low price, i desided to try this cycle.
I doing the BBB HGH protocol mixed with AS and insulin.

My stats are:

height: 1.84m
weight: 86kg
Bf: 9%
age: 23
training time: 6 years
genotype: ectomorph, 6 years ago i was weighting 64kg at the same heigh..
cycles before: 2 (Test 10wk - Dbol frontload) went up from 84 to 92kg, then down to 86 but much better shape and muscle quality.
profession: student (this gives me lots of free time so the time to experiment with these kind of things is now, where i can focus the most on training and diet and not be distracted by life stress, work, etc)

in the future i would like to dedicate myself to something related to body training and coaching, so having good experience and a good trained body is very important to me. So all the help is very apreciated.

the idea of this post is to show my progress and to give information about how the cycle develops, telling how i feel and hoping to recieve any advice if possible.

I have 270 UI of GH, so ill spread them into 5-6UI e3d injected 2-3 times daily IM, starting with 2-3 UI e3d to aviod sides like water retention, carpal tunnel, etc.

Bought the Humalog from the drugstore( faster than Humulin-R) and started with 2 UI after training, drinking a shake with different carbs (Glycopeak) and eating a self made pancake with
low fat/ high prot/high amino ingredients.

Got the primotesto depot form bayer, 250mg/ml test E. Injecting 2-3 times a week. 500-750 test I think is enough for mee because my receptors are still quite new.

Nandrolone decanoate is the only esther i can get here in chile from the drugstore, so its the only legit nandrolone you can get. using 400mg/wk shooting together with the primoteston on glutes.

Using DANABOL from balkan pharma. starting with 10-20mg day and increasing the dosage slowly to 30mg to avoid high blood pressure, etc

0.25 / day to aviod any estrogen sides. if not enough then i will increase the dose to 0.5

So the cycle looks like this:
HGH / 5-6 UI e3d / 5 months
Insulin 2-6 UI after training
Test E / 500-750mg wk / 10 wks
Dbol / 20-30mg day / 4 wks
Deca / 400mg wk / 10wks
anastrozol / .25mg day / 11-12wks

still not sure if using HCG during cycle so i dont need to stop AS for long PCT during HGH use...advice could be helpful here...

Supplements used during the cycle:
BCAA / glutamine / dextrose, during and after training
Whey protein peri workout mostly
CEE 5gr
lactobacilus acidophilus for proper digestion
garlik extract for colesterol and intestine health
caffeine pre workout

-and reaching at least 300gr meat/egg protein a day + 4 whey shakes
- low carbs(only breakfast and peri workout) the days without HGH
- fats from almonds, avocado, olive oil mainly.

Training looks something like this:

Chest-triceps AM / playing padel(nice cardio) PM / Monday HGH Day
Back--Biceps AM / tuesday
Rest AM / wednesday
Legs-Abs AM / Padel PM / thursday HGH Day
Shoulders-Arms AM / friday
Weekends playing padel, no weights, only assistance work. im trying to do the HGH shots on the days I workout the most...

I will be posting every time i can to update my stats and telling what im feeling. Feedback will be VERY appreciated.

(sory about my english, learned it at school only)

Thank you in advance for your comments...!


another picture


Im one week into the cycle already and did 2 HGH days. first shot was in the right quad and i injected 1.5 UI in the morning IM and 1.5 UI IM post workout on the left quad. Felt very sore legs at bedtime as if i would have trained them.

Did 2 UI insulin post workout together with carb drink and aminos. Felt dizzy 1 minute after and very hungry. Ate a pancake with lots of carbs, 0 fat, and the dizziness and hunger went away. 15 minutes after had a whey shake with some dextro and BCAA. 1 hour after had another solid meal. 2 hours after anothe shake.

3 days after i did the second HGH day, 2 UI right quad in the morning IM, 10 minutes after felt a tingling sensation going down on my right quad ending on the fingers. almost inmediately it went away.
(HGH is norditropin nordilet by the way)

second shot the same day 6 hours after the first shot, injected 1.5 UI.

Now, the thing is, upon awakening im feeling numbness on my forearms and hands, like ive had slept pressing them agains my body. This happened to me before, 5-6 years ago, when i started training, and i suspect there could be a correlation between the GH secreted by the body naturally while sleeping back then, and the GH im using right now...any feedbacks?

another side: dry mouth after injection, had to drink at least 1 lt water so the thirst goes away..i suppose its about Gh induced hyperglycemia and or water retention...

i will be posting stats and progress too, right now i can tell i feel very good with energy and focus and gaines 4 pounds in one week, muscles look bigger but i think its mostly water...

thanks in advance!!


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I thought numerous cycles, growth hormone and insulin were supposed to help you put some muscle on? :S


thanks for you reply, BBB.

I lowered the HGH dose to 1,2 UI x2 e3d to minimize the side effect of the numbness on my hands, but i will be increasing it trough the following weeks so taht the body can get used to it...what do you think?

about the insulin, yesterday i got a GI meter and took my glycemia before a dextrose drink, after the dextrose drink, and after a 2 UI insulin shot, and then i went training.

well the GI mesures where:
100 mg/dl in the morning
120 mg/dl after rice and chicken lunch
155 mg/dl after Glycopeak (25gr carbs) + bcaa + glutamine
180 mg/dl after Dextrose 20Gr + aminos
169 mg/dl after 2 UI Humalog

then i gabbed a banana, a home made pancake and went to the gym (i know there were high GI values and maybe i overeated carbs, but i did it just to be safe on the workout and to start getting used to insulin)and felt very strong and tired at the same time. a little bit ironic isnt it? haha

took some HCA (garcinia gambodia; 1gr) so that te carbs minimize they conversion to fat...
now ill start takeing insulin befoe workouts, i just wanted to get the GI meter to stay safe...


adam, i think you post is a little bit ironic and a would appreciate that if you spend your time commenting on other peoples experiences it could be helpful to everybody.

I think you are not understanding, im just one week into the cycle.
i have been training naturally for 6 years, the first 5 without taking and steroids and went from 63kg in horrible shape to 83 with 12% bodyfat, and im an ectomorph.
then i started learning about the ergogenics and they have helped me to gain and mantain 3-4kg of muscle while loosing fat, with perfect recovery.

i suggest you to re-read the topic and if you cant give good info or ask something intelligent, go find another topic where to post your stupid thoughts.

why is it that there is always someone that throws shit at you? i tougt that only happened in my country....


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first 2 times post workout, yesterday i switched to pre workout cause i got the GI meter so i could be safe aginst hypo. what i posted above were the values with the pre workout meals and shakes.


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pre workout ideally, only started post workout to know my reactions to insulin...

today i injected 1 ui of GH in the morning and 1,5 UI GH and 3 UI slin before leg training on the afternoon.
GI measurements were:
AM, fasting: 96 mg/dl

18 00 : after 2 carb meals (breakfast-oatmeal and lunch-rice) and some protein meals: 140 mg/dl
18 15 : glycopeak shake: 169mg/dl
18 20 : injected 3 UI Humalog: 108 mg/dl
19 00 : 1 banana and 15gr dextrose: 169 mg/dl TRAINING STARTED
19 30 : half of the leg training + 15gr dextrose and maltodextrin mix: 117 mg/dl
20 10 : ending training + another 15gr dex and malto: 110 mg/dl
20 30 : ate my carbs/prots in the pancake post workout
21 00 : last measurement 95 mg /dl

will try to measure again before bedtime and again in the morning, because the last days ive been wakeing up with 100-140 mg/dl just after the numbness on my hands; and not only on GH days, but every day since the begining of the cycle... thinking about solving this GH induced hyperglycemia problem with some metformin XR..any advice ?


its 12 PM and the GI shows 100 mg/dl. after the pancake i had 2 other protein and salad meals, no carbs, and a shake. will have 250mg metformin XR now and measure the GI in the morning. good night!


yesterday trained back biceps with 4 ui insulin, felt very strong and a little lack of focus, but carbs during training kept me safe.
today i ate carbs only on breakfast to increase insulin sensitivity.
tomorrow is GH day. soon i will post improvements and some pics.
cheers, and thanks for the answers and info, BBB.