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My Hero


I know some of you have seen him before...but now he has his own show on MTV. Some of his videos are online. Check out his work.



royalgoober :slight_smile:


He's kinda funny so I won't bag on you, but his show is part of a new trend I don't understand. I liked Jackass. I like stupid comedy. What I don't understand is the wave of utterly idiotic comedy shows on tv.

Viva la bam is the least stupid, but it's pretty boring watching him act childish and abuse his parents. I couldn't watch Wondershowzen for more than 50 seconds. I think I felt my brain shrinking. Stankervision is horrible. Team Sanchez is like Jackass but terrible and with British accents. You have to admit the Andy Milanokamawhatever show is pretty stupid and sometimes lame. Comedy Central seems to debut a piece of crap every month. Shorties watchin' Shorties was a terrible idea. Con was dogshit.

I would like to know if anyone thinks Stella is funny. I think it sucks bushels of cocks. I saw an ad for some terrible looking comedy show called Hollow Men but I don't think it even made on the air. Can someone explain this phenomenon or defend these shows.


I have not seen Andy Milonakis before (could not get the videos to work either), but I have a bit of the same feeling as Pretzel. I was just surprised you found Viva La Bam to be the LEAST stupid. To me, that's one of the dumbest shows ever "developed" (although how much development could really occur for a show about an immature idiot being a dick to people). And the worst part is you know it is so staged. Plus, Bam comes off as such an egotistical little bastard. Geez, I get worked up just thinking about that show.

But I love stupid humor. Dumb and Dumber. Kingpin. Ren & Stimpy. Jackass the Movie was hilarious. But now it's just getting worse. Note to TV execs: just because a concept is funny, it doesn't become MORE funny just because you take it to an utter extreme.



Bam is a spoiled little shit who should have been whipped daily.

Wondershowzen is the funniest thing I've ever seen.