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My HC Insurance Went Up


Dear President Barry,

Why did you lie to me ? You owe me that much? You stood in front of podiums, shouting about how your insurance will not go up one penny if you like your plan. You told people to get in the faces of those who would spread lies about your health care bill. Well here it is Mr. President. The bomb shell I got in the mail today. I personally want to thank you sir, you owe me $47 per month, or $564 for the year, because of your lie.

This is no longer propaganda, this is not vitriol, rhetoric, or incessant lying. I take cash or Paypal Mr. President. Please pay up soon Mr. President, because interest will accumulate, and I know you're all about that spending intelligently you keep thumping.


Psh. First in line for a handout when things aren't going your way.



I could argue that "Dying Quickly" could be the Obama slogan too.


I'm more disturbed by that line about inactivity and obesity being one reason why YOUR HC cost is going up. Let me get this straight... You got nailed with a rate increase because someone, somewhere can't put down the Doritos? You can't control your age or what other people do, yet somehow you are financially responsible for these factors.


Yes biglifter, that is how this will work. The healthy will pay for the sick. BTW I am 6'1 and 225 lbs. According to BMI stats I am probably obese, but resemble more of a fullback/linebacker build.


Yeah, according to BMI I'm "obese" at 6'2 251.

I'm eyerolling at the doctor while washing some scrubs against my abs.

If the legislativetards actually try and push anything through that uses BMI as an insurance indicator, I'm locking, loading, cashing out and moving to fucking Somalia.


BMI is how they will test.


This is how health insurance works, even before Obama. You share the cost of those who are also insured. Those who require a lot of medical treatments benefit more, those who do not, well, do not.

One thing that cracked me up in the debates about health care was that it was going to be socialized....it already was socialized (to an extent) within the different health insurance corporations.

If you want to just pay for only your own health care, do not have insurance.


It is funny you mention that, I had a double major in Exercise Phys and Neruo phys for my undergrad. One of my projects was performing fitness evals for airforce pilot candidates. There was a guy who came in was 5'10" weighed 235lbs, has a superb Vmax, flew through all the testing, but his BMI was too high, the airforce was going to reject him. I worked with the director of the program and formal analytical report was able to explain that his body fat was under 7% and he was in much better physical condition then about 99% of the other candidates that had already been accepted.

It took 2 submissions of the report to get him cleared.


This is only true for group policies, which is one of the many reasons why I dislike them. The premise of buying insurance is to transfer risk. You are not paying for health care, per se, but are paying the insurance company to take on the risk of you accumulating high health care costs. In the most basic insurance policy through a mutual company, this is all you are paying for. Go through a non-mutual company and you're going to have a profit margin built in. Go through some group policy and unless you happen to be the 'expected' policyholder, you are either subsidizing or being subsidized.

So, a more accurate statement would be if you want to just pay for your own health care, buy an individual policy from a reputable mutual company.


I know it is tough to make some see that does not want to , but one of Obama's reasons for revamping health care is because of run away costs Costs were and are skyrocketing . If you want to be mad at anybody I would be mad at the Republicans . They had the opportunity to make America's Health Care the best in the world.

The subject was open and they acted as though our present system was GREAT


You live a blessed life!

You have health care coverage, you have the money to pay the rate they are now asking you to pay and you have the free time to see yourself as the victim of the POTUS decisions.

Seriously, you don't know how good you have it. And you're over 6 feet tall and weigh more than 224lbs? Lord almighty, you poor poor man!


How good I have it? What makes you think that this insurance company will stop at this $47/month increase? I am not just pissed at this rate increase, but the other rate increases which I KNOW are coming ! I am also really pissed that I saw this coming, shouted at the tv screen when Barry said rates would not go up.

Just remember, I am being penalized for "having it so good." For "being the victim of the POTUS decisions." I now have to pay for that, lucky me.


I know a lot of poor people who have free time to debate POTUS decisions, and I know of a lot of poor people who are big strong people, usually bigger than most non-poor people.

You don't really have a strong argument.


Maybe you're better off with an HSA and not "insurance"?


I know of Christian Priest who rape little boys. Your argument that Christians are good people isn't really a strong argument.

One non sequitur deserves another.


This has to be the dumbest shit I have read on here yet.


Thanks for validating my assumption that you don't proof read your own posts.


Man I don't know what the hell you are talking about. If you were originally being sarcastic, then my apologies. If you really think that someone better off than you should pick up your slack, move to Hugo Chavez land.


Many things in America are designed to make people fat.

Fat people have health problems, which causes insurance costs to go up.

We should find ways to change those things in America that are designed to make people fat, so they have less health problems and health care costs go down.

hint: Screaming "personal responsibility! personal responsibility! its not my problem they should take personal responsibility! put down the doritos, fatty!" is not going to change anything.