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My Hardcore Gym Experience


Just gonna post this to fill you in on my first experience in a real powerlifting gym.

Today, I went to Jakked Hardcore Gym in Montgomery, IL. It's an hour away from where I live, but it was definitely worth the trip. I went with three of my friends and had a blast. It's mainly a bodybuilding gym, but they have separate rooms for powerlifting and strongman. I chose the powerlifting room.

I walked in and saw two monolifts, three competition benches, a GHR, and a reverse hyper. There was also tons of chalk, specialty bars, nose tork (more on this later), and deadlifting platforms.

I was also able to plug in my iPod and we played Pantera, Lamb of God, As I Lay Dying, and Disturbed the whole time.

It was a max effort upper body day and I had 2 board presses for my ME lift. Last week, I hit a hard 275. This week, I was going for 285. However, this didn't happen. I ended up hitting 305 for a 30 lb. PR, and it flew off the boards. 275 was just as fast. Then 295 - Fast. Then 305 - Fast. The combination of heavy metal, chalk, my friends, and the nose tork just sent me over the edge.

That was the first time I had ever used Nose Tork. Let me tell you, it was the strongest shit ever. That fired me up like no other and I screamed at the top of my lungs, got on the bench, and put on a smoke show for all of my ME attempts. I wish I had a video, but I forgot to have one of my friends take one. I have a video tour of the place, as well. That will be up on YouTube shortly.

But all in all, the best gym experience ever. If I didn't live so far away, I'd be there every time to lift. I'll definitely be going back there soon.



Dude that sounds awesome. Ive used ammonia caps and was debating trying out nose tork. Haha, I may just have to get some now! I know what you mean by the environment though, me and my training partners have our ME squat day at a gym about 30 minutes from us which has a monolift. They have a back room that is like a dungeon and you can plug in your ipod and stuff, unfortunately the mono isnt in there. But, everything else you need is so thats where the accessory work gets done! Haha.


Ammonia caps are stronger than nose tork.


lol stimulants ...


Here's the tour of the gym. Sorry about the darkness, the lighting sucked.



Jakked is a great place, I try to get up there every Saturday I can for strongman events, the owner Byron Hicks is a massive guy and a great guy as well, they run powerlifting and strongman competitions out of there many times a year, maybe I'll run into you up there some time.


Awesome, I train at a gym like that. Just not as nice/ not as much equipment. Only one mono etc. But it is great to be able to listen to what you want, use chalk, nosetork.


Hell yeah, man. I'll be up there again in February. I don't get paid for another two weeks, but once I get some more cash flow, I'll be up there a lot more, mainly on the weekends.

And yes, Bryon is awesome. He's really nice. I'll have to figure out when they have the powerlifting meets there, too. I have a meet in April and I'd like to compete again before August.



I have to bump this real quick.

I'm looking for a group of hardcore lifters that would be willing to "take me under their wing." I'm looking for a group to train with once or twice a week. If anybody knows some people that happen to go to Quad's in Calumet City, Jakked Hardcore in Montgomery, or somewhere else, please, please, please, let me know. I'm dying to get out of my commercial gym and I can't convince my parents to let me turn the garage into a gym.