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My Gym's New Commercial

What do you guys think?

Cool Crow.

Glad you added the snatch towards the end. I was thinking that it would end up as another fitness club type atmospere, but looks like someone could push some serious weights there too.

good job~

If I ever get up that way, I’ll look you up.

a large gym for families that allows olympic lifts and powerlifting?

damn. why do you have to be located on the other side of the country?

Who’s that hotty at the juice bar.

I’d be there in a heartbeat…

Sea-monster appears 17 seconds in.

[quote]archiewhittaker wrote:
Sea-monster appears 17 seconds in.

Now that was funny…


Looks good, I would workout there if the price wasn’t outrageous like many of the gyms here and I lived in the area.

0.7 seconds in reminds me of that cacoon movie; nevertheless, The place looks great.

[quote]Smallfry69 wrote:
archiewhittaker wrote:
Sea-monster appears 17 seconds in.

Now that was funny…[/quote]

I’m still laughing, that’s some funny shit right there

Looks like a great place though, fully equipped and something for everyone.