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My Gym <Rant>

My ‘gym’ and I use the term loosely, is a new YMCA facility in central Maine. I use it because it’s literally a 5 minute walk from work, and has a pool for the kids.

It has a rack to squat in, a couple benches, a Concept II rower, and sufficient dumbbells-- really all I need. The down side is that 95% of the clientèle is: 1) Under the age of 6, 2) over the age of 70, 3) fatter’n a Heffalump after Thanksgiving. I can count on two hands the number of people I see regularly who lift enough weight to breath heavily or God forbid, sweat.

So, my current routine requires me to do deadlifts (can you IMAGINE THAT? GASP!!), and being the considerate guy I am, I don’t like to drop big heavy weights, so I use chalk on deadlift, clean, B-O row, and snatch days.

I use it sparingly, keep in in a baggie, and compulsively wipe it down when I’m done.

So, a worker guy comes up to me and says “Someone complained about chalk on the plates. I don’t care, but they complained then I go in the locker room and there’s chalk on the floor. This ain’t [a powerlifting gym]!”

Well, turns out the ‘chalk’ on the floor is from one of the 80 year old nekkid fat guys that likes to powder his dick with Gold Bond in front of the guys.-- AND I GET BLAMED!!

Sometimes, I really hate people. Oh, I won’t even BEGIN to talk about ‘curling in the rack’… ;/


Sorry, but whenever I see butt naked guys clipping their nails and powdering their balls (yeah I’ve seen it) it just makes me sick. Yeah, it’s a gym and there are showers so people can get naked and get clean. But seriously, some things should just be done at home.

I avoid change rooms.

My YMCA is right beside 2 retirement homes so I get my fair share of naked old men every other day. This one guy is pasty white, weighs 400bs and his entire body is covered in a coat of what looks like dark pubic hair.

Strangely enough I’m used to it now.

I lift at a Y too ; just gotta ignore the asshats . I dont like asking for handoffs/spots/board-holds just because I dont exactly trust most of them…but theres a couple guys that I’ll ask . communication is the key .

is it acceptable to ask Staff for this type of assistance ?

mine too only has a few others who push thier limits ; theres plenty of stronger guys ; but there taller/bigger than me , and dont really push themselves much…and I WILL catch up to some of them .

Rattler mentioned guys powdering their balls…thats nothing ; I once saw an old guy use stick-deodorant on his ass/balls/whatever(didnt see EXACTLY what he greased up) .

A fellow Mainer. If you don’t mind me asking where are you from, I’m from Rumford. I know how you feel, I used to lift at the “community center” for my area and it was awful, since i went before work/school at like 6, thats when all the old guys went, and would walk around the locker room naked and there was only one bench, and they would leave there shit stained whitey tighties draped over the bench. I got older and lift at a powerlifters gym now when i’m home. best.move.ever

I used to lift at the YMHA (Jewish Y… and I’m not even Jewish) in Philly back in the 80’s. They had a great weightroom which included a lifting platform and DBs that went up to 150#. The fee was dirt cheap, so every loser “worked out” there. I always showered at home because of the large gay clientèle… some of whom usually followed me to the locker room (where the exit was). There were also 2 big hardcore mofos there who often intimidated the other lifters. One time these 2 dudes blocked the weightroom entrance with a flatbench because they wanted to lift without distraction. They shouted at anyone who tried entering. That was the last straw for me and I sucked up and shelled out more money for a commercial gym across town.

i hate the naked people in the changing rooms. especially the ones who just chill there like dude you are fucking disguisting put some pants. its always the nastiest people that want to be naked there too, i dont fucking get it.

the Y was the worst with it though old naked people everywhere like congregating together and it always reeked of chlorine too. it was like an obstacle course to get out of there without seeing some wrinkled junk. fucking gross, shower at home geezers.

[quote]alaw4516 wrote:
A fellow Mainer. If you don’t mind me asking where are you from, I’m from Rumford.[/quote]


I’m in the Augusta area. The nearest real PL gyms are Gilly’s and Littlefields near Waterville and DynaMaxx down in Westbrook, both really too far to be practical for me- although I have thought about going once or twice a month per diem just for the coaching.

I’ve been looking for someone to work with me on Olympic lifts, but there is just no one around.

The “Y” is a nice facility, they just cater too much to the pink dumbbell and geriatric crowd.

One of the most entertaining aspects of going there is since it’s literally next door to the Capitol building, a lot of the conversation is political and it’s really scary. I’ve been on the treadmill next to Bald-Douchee a couple of times, the little skinny bastard…

Used to train at the Y and like you had to hide my chalk away. Now my gym has a large bin of it. When I first saw it felt like jumping around in it like a little kid.

If there is a steam room you can have hot buttseckz.