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My Gym - Pics


I'll post info if anyone is interested. It's in Whitman, MA. 4th floor of the old Bostonian Shoe factory.


Kegs (obviously)




kickass gym. I'm jealous


indoor sled


Another view


No shit. Thats a great set-up.


very jealous, amazing setup


Thats fuckin awesome. I think thats about every T-mans dream right there, minus a reverse hyper, a Surge fountain, and a hot chick in spandex and a sports bra on an eliptical.


When's it opening?
What's the joining fee?

Huh !! Huh!!




very nice set up.


Screw that. Why make her wear clothes?

Sweet gym!


Fuckin A. I hate you.


It looks great! But where's the dip station? :slightly_smiling:


Derek, looks great! I am really hoping to come see you some time when the weather is nicer for those strongman training days you mentioned. Good luck with everything, from things you've written around here it sounds like you're a great coach!


Great setup, My studio is right down the street in Bridgewater. What kind of people do you have training there?


Last picture, on the right, behind the fan :slightly_smiling:


Dip Station


I left Golds in East Bridgewater about a year ago. Many reasons behind the move but mostly beacuse I was "too radical" for them (I guess). They had a really cool group of powerlifters (BigIron) but the gym really catered to "machine people".

I had worked out of that gym for 8 years and never felt at home. In fact the last straw was my steel dragging sled. About two years ago now, I had my own sled made to my specs; cut, bent, welded drilled etc. Got all the attachments, belts etc. My clients and I were LOVING it, every nice weather day until I was told I had to stop using it. No reason, just STOP! A member later told me that he overheard the owner talking to the resident degreed "athletic coach" about what exactly he thought we were doing and he simply shrugged his shoulders and said "I have no idea". (not to mention that the very catalogs they used to purchase new equipment from sold three versions of the sled!) Time to go!

Anyway, everyone of my clients went with me and I am forever grateful to them for thier support. My business is slowly growing by word of mouth. I just found out that one of my most recent clients lost a dress size in three weeks. And this is a woman with a "bad" knee and a recently torn artery in her neck!


The pictures make it look a bit fancier than it is (?). It's a no-frills place as you can see. I even make half of my own equipment. In fact, the incline bench which is REAL STRONG was found in a warehouse. It was gray with brown leather pads A.K.A. UGLY). I stripped off the gray paint, painted it white and bought 2 yards of black vinyl and recovered it myself. Viola' just like new for $25.00!

It's things like this that let me charge what seems to be 1/2 of what most trainers charge. And I like to think they get twice the results!