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My gym is selling out.

That’s right, my gym is selling out worse than Limp Bizkit. Lately the owner has been having this big ad campaign and trying to target females (not T-vixens). I can understand why, he’s trying to make more money by getting more members; it’s just a shame that hard-core lifters like us have to pay the price for this. Benches are disappearing and being replaced by machines. And yesterday I walked in to find the worst insult yet: the old-time squat rack has been replaced by… you guessed it, a leg abductor. This has me especially pissed because I was going to start doing overhead squats on this rack next week. I have a feeling he is also going to get rid of the dip station, because he asked me if I wouldn’t rather use the new weighted chin-up/dip machine he got. No, I wouldn’t. It’s completely different. What’s next? Let me guess, the punching bags will be replaced by a fleet of stair-steppers. As long as he doesn’t fuck with my music. There’s no way I can lift to soft shit that these new people will want to listen to. But if he keeps following the current trend of commercialization, that won’t be too far off. Anyone else noticing this in their gyms? I hope not.

I like listening to the soft music. but the other stuff sucks. sorry dude

you should do what I did, just build your own gym. By the way anyone know any good website that sell gym equipment cheap? Copeland Sports and Sportmart are getting expensive.

Chances are, if you get your home gym equipment cheap, it is going to suck. Since it will last pretty much for your entire lifetime, go ahead and spend some extra cash. I did and am very happy with the results.

My university gym plans to take out all the machines and put them into another room seperate from the free weights. So there will be a free weight room and a machine room. They are also combining the varsity athelete gym and the regular gym. So now the regular gym will have four or five squat racks, bumper plates and lots of other good stuff.

Sucks for you dude he he he. Nah, man J/K that really does suck though. I’ve heard of a couple of gyms doing this. What are these people thinking?!?! I go to a family gym (24 hr fitness) its not that bad though. Yea they do have their stair stepers and step areobics and machines. The good thing is all the females(motivation) and no one else uses squat racks dead lift station etc. If there is all I have to do is ask “how many sets man” the answer is always the same. One more man then they hurry up get their set and leave. I know what you mean about the music too. I’ve heard Back Street Boys, The Village People, Boyz II Men all kinds of shit!!! But again all I do is ask and they change it. I feel your pain.

Ko and I work out at a 24Hour Fitness. Soooo, I guess you could say we’re right in the mother of all commercialized health clubs. However, this one (and three others in Portland) useto be Golds Gyms, so they are pretty well stocked.

The big difference is that while Golds allowe private personal trainers to train their clients, 24Hour changed that to only if you're a paid employee can you be a trainer in their gyms. And we had some of the best trainers around here - *sigh* that was so kewl - and seems so loooong ago. But, yeah, they've stuffed in more machines, but haven't removed ANY of the squat racks or the powerlifting platform - thank god.

But, man, they're taking out the heavy bags (in your gym)? THAT would be the last straw, in my book.

I had to open my frigg’n mouth!! Man,… yesterday I almost slapped a little gay look’n Urkel look a like sales rep! I politly asked him to change the station from Usher “You’ve got it bad” station to something more upbeat. He told me flat out no. What kind of shit is that! I even pleaded nicely with him, still nothing. They’ve done it numerous times before and this time he decides to be a little prick. It totally ruined my workout, because I kept on trying to talk my girlfriend into bang’n on the flat bench. Don’t get me wrong I like the song and all, but there is a time and a place for everything. This was not it! I guess they don’t want the business of those of us that are going to be in there day after day, month after month. Fuck’em! Thank you for your time I’m better now.