My Gym Is Closing!

This is my luck. I’ve renewed my memebership to my gym for another year. The deal is I had 7 days to cancel my membership and get a full refund. On the seventh day I found out on the dl the gym was going to be closing from one of its employees.

I figured I could get my money back to put towards somewhere else.
Seeing as I signed a contract stating the seven day refund period, isn’t it illegal for the owner to not give me my refund?

Between getting my refund and finding a new place to lift what are some body weight excerises I can do at home in hopes I don’t lose too much strength? I’m expecting to be out for atleast a week if not more depending how things go. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Yes, if your contract states that you can cancel within 7 days, than there’s nothing the gym can do about it. Just make sure you read the contract well and understand it all.

Also make sure you have a copy of it for yourself. If you don’t, you might want to ask for a copy of it before letting them know that you’re going to cancel.

You can keep following your set/rep plans (or close to it) with many bodyweight exercises. Just be creative and use single limb exercises so your body weight is harder to move.

Some examples could be single leg squats (you can also hold something it your body’s still to light) lunges, but you probably don’t need much more weight).

One arm pushups, chins or pull-ups if you can find something to hang from.

Sorry about the mess; the whole chain of events sort of sucks. Another reason why I have a home gym.

As far as losing strength goes; you will not lose any significant strength in a one week layoff. In many cases, taking a week off is a good thing to do on a periodic basis. I wouldn’t sweat it too much. No secret formula with bodyweight exercises; chins, squats and pushups should tide you over. Throwing in some burpees and handstand pushups will probably give you incentive to find a new gym faster…

they already know i want to cancel. Its been a few days already. I’m good friends with one its employees so I can get the owners info and phone number pretty easilly. Its just a pain in the ass.

As for in home training I didn’t even think of hand stand push ups, and i’ve never heard of burpee’s before though. I’ll investigate. Thanks for the replies though.

Well my gym’s being even more pussified than it already was. I dont know whats worse.