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My Gym Burnt Down Yesterday


The little 24 hour access gym I trained at burnt down yesterday. I was very comfortable at this gym and had the place to myself on most nights. They didn't have a lot of equipment or really nice stuff, but it had everything I needed. Well, luckily yesterday I had the day off from work and got a membership at another 24 gym. This place has it all. Hammer Strength, Nebula, and Cybex pieces. A place to deadlift, nice power rack, and dumbbells up to 120 (good enough). This is not a franchise gym and is owned locally by wait for it...a guy who works out.

Basically, this is a blessing in disguise. I only paid $16/month at the old place and the new gym is closer to $37/month. I am paying more, but I'm getting so much more. Tonight is my first night and I can't wait to train in a serious gym again.




Insurance fraud


What's the deal with all these remnants of fuel soaked gauze in here? Hmmm..


Wait... Some poor guy's gym got burned to the ground and you're calling it a blessing in disguise for YOU?!


To be honest these people were poor, poor business owners. Numerous times people's cards wouldn't work and would be locked out. They didn't finish remodeling the place, there were soft parts in the floor, they lied about having classes for people, and the list goes on.

I see what you're saying, but I and most thought insurance money right off the bat. Word was going around that they were gonna shut down in the next few weeks. They lost a lot of members to the gym I start at tonight. The timing of the fire (around 5-6 am) makes me doubt it was intentional, but none the less very fishy.


That's fucking bad-ass!!

I would've performed a last brutal work out as the solemn monk in the temple of iron as the flames get higher and higher around me, the metal heating up, burning the palms of my hands...

...and then I rippd a stop sign out of the ground!


Gym a buddy of mine used to own was next to an indoor shooting range. The building caught fire and the ammo dump there went up, taking most of the block with it. We're talking downtown war zone, shells hissing, bullets flying, and screaming, running firemen all ending with a mushroom cloud (small, but still...) and a crater still smoking 3 days later. Now THAT'S how to have a fire!

-- jj




You wanna come work out at the Hall of Warriors? There is no membership fees. Instead every newcomer must spend one entire week pushing a huge wooden Mill. There will be a guy whipping you if you stop or slow down to much, but the grain we grind up will be sold to keep the lights on and the kitchen stocked.



This person was seen at the scene yelling something about "Fat people ridding the Earth of weight-lifting scum! -- OOOMMMM NOM NOM NOM!!!"


So your motivation for changing gyms was it burning to the ground?

Tisk tisk tisk.




That sucks about your old place but glad you found a new place so quickly.

I want to say something philosophical about a doors closing and a windows opening but you know what I mean. haha.


If you put bullets in a fire they won't shoot off like they've been shot out of a gun. They just pop/explode like a firework. The round needs to be in a chamber to chanel the explosion and send the round forward. The brass from the casing will fragment and become projectiles themselves but not with much force. Thrown bullets into a fire in a burning metal drum before. It was loud but the round didn't even dent the side of the drum.


He's right.
Mythbusters did it. (Skip to 5:20 if you're impatient)


The weights may still be usable if they didn't melt.

There's a man with a strange uncanny ability to locate dumbells that have been lost in fires. A very strange ability to be sure...but if you watch this video you will see that he's absolutely the man you'd expect to have this peculiar gift:



Yeah but you have to know that for it not to be scary. And then it would still be scary.