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my gut is on fire

big problem here! my gut stomach hurts like hell. same problem as bbkingnrock. gonna see my doctor this week but wondered if anybody had any suggestions. my upper gut, right under my xiphoid process, feels like it is being clenched by a fist. it is really debilitating. funny thing is that only a couple of things seem to make it feel better: working out (helps big time)and eating pretzels toast/waffles. my question is what the heck is this and why do crappy refined carbs seem to be the only things besides working out that help? in an effort to up my protein intake I have been drinking 2 to 3 myoplex shakes a day and/or a couple of scoops of designer whey. could that be part of the problem?

Are there times when it is more or less painful? After eating certain foods? What about while lying down?

Check with your Doctor, but it sounds like it could be Acid Reflux.I suffered tremendously until I was put on meds.The pretzels and other"crappy refinded carbs"help absorb the acid.

Yup, sounds like Acid Reflux. I got put on Nexium a while back, and it’s been a great help. Don’t wait too long to get it checked…there’s a condition called Barrett’s Esophagus, wherein the acid creates pre-cancerous changes to your esophagal lining. I had to get my throat scoped to ensure that hadn’t yet ocurred, so the sooner you get it treated the better off you’ll be.

You’re drinking a TON of Myoplex, which may not be helping, either. I was in a phase a few years ago where I drank a lot too…some flavors/kinds did not digest very well at all. Try eating more food and switch to Grow!/LC Grow! Digests better and tastes better than Myoplex too.

you guys all deserve honorary medical degrees. it is acid reflux. i went to my doctor, she held off on the meds, and instead sat with me for a half an hour (can you believe that) and went over my diet and stress with me (she’s a doctor of internal medicinebut also practices chinese medicine). within 24 hours of her suggestions most of the symptoms were gone. but once again a huge thank you to all that replied.

mike cruickshank