My Growth Surge Project

Real quick. Would there be any down side to getting the majority of my daily fats in one meal? I’m talking the supplimented ones such as flax oil, olive oil, fish oil caps.

With all the carbs i’ll be taking in there will be very little room for P+F meals. This would definitely make things easier.

No that is not a real problem. I usually limit my P+F meals to two during such times.

Also remember their is nothing saying you could not have a fish cap or two with some of your P+C meals. They are only 1g of fat and good fat at that.

Hope this helps, and you get great results,


I tend to do that as well. Usually, though mine is saturated fat, from a big block of meat or something that I have around lunch-time. No adverse results that I’ve noted.

If your’e bulking up and forking out for fat supplements, you might want to investigate both CLA and ALA/r-ALA since they will both reduce adipocyte uptake and lipogenesis.

Really not forkin’ out too much. My mom buys the flax oil/olive oil and JB specifically mentions the fish oil capsules in the growth surger project. I’ll still probably look into though. Thanks you guys.