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My Green Faces Diet Log


Me: female, age: 44, 5’8" Start Weight: 171.8lbs

Day 1 -

Pre Workout: 1 scoop Mag-10
Intra Workout: 1 scoop Mag-10

pyramid cardio circuit: squat to db shoulder press, kb swing, jump squats, push ups, step ups, jump rope
62 minutes including warm up time = 623 cals burned (Polar M400)

Meal #1 (post workout): egg whites, ground turkey, zucchini
Meal #2 hard boiled eggs, snap peas, cucumber
Meal #3 chicken, broccoli
Meal #4 steak, asparagus, broccoli, artichoke ( 2 chicken thighs no pictured)

Supps before bed: vitamin D, fish oil

Before Starting the Green Faces Diet
My "Get Fit" Log (Over 40, Female)

Day 2

Pre Workout: 1/2 scoop Plazma
Intra Workout: 1/2 scoop Plazma

low energy today. I assume it’s because I dropped caffeine. (usually take a caffeine pill or pw drink)

superset #1: squats (135) 4x6, muscle ups (55) 4x6 , drop both to barbell 1x8 (30 sec rest)
superset #2: smith glute press (155) 4x10, push ups 4x10 (30 sec rest)
superset #3: cable pull thru (70) 3x12, leg lifts 3x15
Treadmill incline walk 10 min
65 min including warm up time = 507 cals burned (Polar M400)

Meal #1 (post workout): 2 hard eggs, steak, artichoke, cucumber, celery
Meal #2: boneless, skinless chicken thighs & broccoli
Meal #3: chicken thighs, baby spinach, steamed cabbage, grilled anaheim peppers, squeeze of lemon
Meal #4: chicken, peppers, cucumber, celery

Supps before bed: vitamin D, fish oil

Craving SWEET all day. I usually chew sugar free gum or eat something sweet after a meal. Trying not to cave to the cravings.


Day 3 3/29/17

Pre Workout: 1/2 scoop Plazma
Intra Workout: 1/2 scoop Plazma

Energy still low. I realized after reading a T-Nation article that I’ve made costly a mistake in my training the last few weeks: I dropped weight to chase higher reps in hopes of burning more calories. I’m going to focus on building strength back up and train to preserve muscle, not lose it. :muscle:

superset #1: assisted machine chin-ups 4x12, t-bench DB chest press (80) 4x15
superset #2: t-bar rows plate grip (120) 4x12, cable fly (40) 4x15
superset #3: DB farmer’s walks (150) x 4, seated calf raise (70) 4x6
62 min including warm up time = 486 cals burned (Polar M400)

Meal #1 (post workout): chicken thighs, broccoli, 100g pineapple
Meal #2 chicken, raw spinach, steamed coleslaw
Meal #3 eggs, celery, cucumber
Meal #4 salmon, shrimp, artichoke, asparagus, broccoli

Supps before bed: vitamin D, fish oil


Your meals look delicious. I’ve been trying to cut a few lbs but can’t commit to eating much better yet but have been throwing in a crap ton of walking. Your workouts look very efficient.


Thank you! This diet is a challenge for me for sure. With only 2 full days under my belt, it feels like I have such a long way to go. :confounded:


Day 4 3/30/17

Pre Workout: 1/2 scoop Plazma
Intra Workout: 1/2 scoop Plazma

superset: squat stance deadlift (155) 4x8, standing db shoulder press (50) 4x10
superset: RDL (115) 3x10, face pulls (18.75) 3x12
superset: leg press (140 pwo) 3x10, db side lateral raise (20) 3x15

65 min including warm up time = 538 cals burned (Polar M400)

Meal #1 (post workout): shake > spinach, liquid egg whites, 1/2 frozen banana, 1/2c blueberries
and steamed coleslaw with 2 eggs
Meal #2: salmon, shrimp, artichoke, broccoli
Meal #3: 2 burgers wrapped with anaheim pepper & butter lettuce, artichoke, snap beans, asparagus
Meal #4: not pictured. turkey meatloaf and hard egg

Supps before bed: vitamin D, fish oil

Sweet cravings today weren’t bad at all. Might be due to the fact that I was busy all day. I took the day off work and wasn’t sitting bored in front of a computer all day.


Day 5 3/31/17

Pre Workout: 1/2 scoop Plazma
Intra Workout: 1/2 scoop Plazma

  • meant to use Mag-10 and grabbed wrong bag =)~

Complex / Circuit (15lb KB ) x 6 rounds

  1. decline sit-ups x10
  2. squat to o/h press x10
  3. kb swings x20
  4. bent row x20
  5. alt. reverse lunge w/twist x12
  6. diagonal chop x10 ea side

Battle Ropes (1 round Tabata)

51 minutes including warm up time = 473 cals burned (Polar M400)

Meal #1 (post workout): burger topped with pineapple & Anaheim peppers, snap beans, cucumber, butter lettuce
Meal #2 tuna, hard egg, cucumber, chopped romaine & baby spinach
Meal #3 turkey & zucchini meatloaf, broccoli, asparagus
Meal #4 pork shoulder lettuce tacos with peppers, cilantro, green onion, lime juice & artichoke

Supps before bed: vitamin D & fish oil


How do you find complexes to do? We tried some a couple of months ago during a post meet deload and I just about died.


Isn’t that the idea? They are supposed to be hard and quick? :smirk:

This one I got from here and just modified it a little.

Tumminello’s Weight Plate Metabolic Circuit

I’ve done it a couple times using a plate as this complex calls for. But, I needed to progress from the 10lb plate and wasn’t sure I could get through it with 25lbs. So, I used the 15lb kb today. Those wood chops at the end are brutal for me. I may move those to the beginning when I try using a 25lb plate.


Day 6 4/1/17

60 min walk, 3.58 miles
2 scoops Mag-10 (1/2 pre, 1/2 intra)

Meal #1 hamburger patty, egg, zucchini, green beans
Meal #2 pork shoulder over romaine, green onions, cilantro, lime juice & artichoke
Meal #3 grilled chicken thighs, broccoli, asparagus & artichoke (not pictured)

Supps before bed: vitamin D & fish oil


Day 7 April 2, 2017

1/2 scoop Plazma pre workout
1/2 scoop Plazma​ intra workout

Superset: squat (135) 4x8, muscle up (55) 4x8
Superset: BB hip thrust (135) 3x10, push press (65) 3x8
Superset: slight bent over DB lateral raise (15) 3x15, cable pull thru (70) 3x15
64 min including warm up time = 545 calories burned (Polar M400)

Meal #1 (post workout) chicken thighs, pork shoulder, zucchini, asparagus, green beans, broccoli and 1 banana (not pictured)
Meal #2 turkey zucchini meatloaf, artichoke, cucumber
Snack - ate a chicken thigh while cooking meal 3
Meal #3 hamburger over salad greens, cucumber, peppers, asparagus, broccoli. * added an over easy egg because the salad & burger were very dry
Snack - hard boiled egg

Supps before bed: Fish oil & vitamin D


Day 8 April 3, 2017

Start weight 171.8
Current weight 166.8
Down 5lbs. But, even better is that I’ve lost a lot of belly bloat. My tummy wouldn’t even flatten when laying down. Now it will. :smiley:

This diet is not easy. I’m not craving junk food like I thought I would. But, really craving a chewy protein bar and miss my Metabolic Drive protein powder.

on to today…

1/2 scoop Plazma pre workout
1/2 scoop Plazma​ intra workout

Superset: assisted pull-up machine 4x12, DB chest press (40) 4x10
Superset: single DB rows (35) 3x15, push-ups 3x12
Superset: low cable rows (50) 3x15, alt. DB curls (20) 3x16
Hammer curls (15) 2x10
57 minutes including warm up time = 414 calories burned (polar m400)

Used the tips for biceps from here:

For DB rows, used the tips “How to really do a dumbbell row” from here:

Meal #1 baked breakfast skillet with eggs whites, spinach, zucchini, green onion, broccoli, pork shoulder, 1 piece bacon. Topped with cilantro, green onion, Tabasco & some diced Apple (then ate the rest of the Apple)
Meal #2 turkey zucchini meatloaf, chicken thigh, artichoke, broccoli, asparagus, green beans, pepper

UGH! Impromptu overnight trip with the kids is leaving me unprepared!! Gonna do my best. Starving & wish I could just eat a damn bar! Not eating enough today cuz I don’t have meat & veggies in my purse. :frowning:

Meal #3 Chick-fil-A salad greens with spicy grilled chicken (double meat) & grabbed some celery & broccoli from the hotel happy hour


Looks like you’re quite the chef!

I have to admit I’ve never eaten an artichoke before. Do you have a go to way of cooking them? I always enjoy trying new things!

EDIT: Congrats on the weight loss coming off so quickly. I’m actually following a similar diet approach and have been seeing the scale moving quickly in the right direction. So I’ll be following along for meal ideas for sure.


Thank you!

I love artichokes! They are filling and take some effort to eat. Slows me down a little so I have time to get full.

My go to:
Slice off the stem to make sit flat. Slice about 1/4 off the top so the top is flat. If there’s little spikes on the leaves, trim those off. Put in a bowl with water so the bottom is submerged (about 1/4 of the artichoke. Microwave for about 11 - 12 minutes depending on how big they are.

I usually dip them in a little light mayo. But eatting them plain for this diet. Also good to cook them, slice in 1/2 and then grill.

If you have never eaten one, you scrape the little “meat” off the leaf with your teeth. When you get all the leaves off, scrape off the “choke” and it the heart too.


Excellent, thanks for the tips! I’ll report back once I’ve given it a whirl.


Day 9 April 4, 2017

Woke up early to get a hotel workout in before starting our day out with the kids.

1 scoop Mag-10 pre-workout
1 scoop Mag-10 intra-workout

Pyramid Circuit: DB squat to press, db swings, jump squats, push-ups, step-ups
45 min = 477 calories burned (Polar M400)

Now I’m STARVING! Gotta get my Minions up so we can get some breakfast

Meal #1 omelette w/spinach, bacon & peppers. Bacon, extra eggs & watermelon & 1/4 banana

Meal #2 on the road = In N Out 1 double & 1 single burgers protein style, plain

Snack while cooking: artichoke & turkey meatloaf (not pictured)

Meal #3 chicken thighs, artichoke, green beans, broccoli.


Congratulations on the progress.

Your food looks delicious.



Day 10 April 5

Overnight trip with the kids was fun. But, not being prepared to travel on this diet was a challenge. Glad to be back home. I did notice I was having to hoist up my jeans all day. :grin:

1/2 scoop Plazma pre-workout
1/2 scoop Plazma intra-workout

Superset: landmine deadlift (90) 3x10, standing DB shoulder press (25) 3x10
Superset: smith machine RDL (70) 3x10, (50) 1x10, face pulls (18.75) 3x12
Smith split squat (foot on plate, toes off) (20) 2x12
Seated DB press (20) x 15, 10, 5, 5
60 min = 526 calories burned (Polar M400)

I learned about the Landmine Deadlift from this article:

Meal #1 (post workout) grilled pork tenderloin, broiled green beans, sautéed spinach AND
banana nice-cream. (1 frozen banana in the Vitamix with a little liquid egg whites & cinnamon. Churn just until blended) DELISH! :heart_eyes:
Snack: hard egg, celery
Meal #2 turkey meatloaf & green beans
Meal #3 grilled to a perfect medium rare steak, grilled asparagus, broiled sugar snap peas


She really knows how to make green things look like they taste good :smiley:

EDIT: Sorry, embarrassed.gif