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My Goods Have Been Seized


As per request Im updating about an order I spoke of on an earlier thread. My goods from a certain well-known Thailand based source have been seized. Exactly three weeks from the date of the order I got my customs letter(last saturday). I was impressed with the speed our friendly customs officials responded. So FYI bros careful


Never underestimate the efficiency with which Big Brother intimidates the non-violent offenders.


wow, 3 weeks. Must have been seized in week 1 and 2 weeks of processing to get it out to you.



atleast they didn't show at your door like they did for me.. :frowning: sad to hear tho. i know how u feel


let me know how your source deals with seized goods. i think mine was seized aswell and i know its from the same source would hate to lose all that cash.

right now im just waiting for that seizure letter...


Seems like this has been happening a lot more lately...


another seizure from the same source right here. its been over 2 months now and no letter...lol the letter is like cash right now


well i might wait a bit, and get it shipped to elsewhere this time.. so there is no connection with me, i just cant be stuffed waking up 8am again for those pricks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah Im gonna request a resend to my PO Box but I don't know if its hot or not, and chances are it wil get seized to. Source might not want to resend so much gear, becuz customs is so tight right now they might tell everyone that they are on their own.


I had a tracking number for the only package I had seized. It stopped at the customs facility and I got a letter less than a week later. I guess it depends on where it's shipped through, but those customs guys on on the ball.


If an order is seized from one company, do you have to worry about buying from a different company to the same address?



Orders from Thailand, and Mexico get alot more attension. try new sources, particularly National ones.


Just get it sent to a P.O. box or a buddies house, no reason to take chances.


Yeah, just make sure you tell your buddy to NEVER sign for a package!


Just great what our government is focused on. At least we know that they are efficient at something. Good luck getting your gear back


Man, this shit happened right after 9/11. I don't know how many seizure letters I got, I finally said fuck it for a few years. Now, here we go again... I am into week 4 waiting on a small order. Figure the letter will be here soon....


I feel ya bro- this sucks with all the happenings. I am sorta in the same boat as you. Just waiting on my letter. But hey maybe, just maybe it'll make it through. Will they re-send at a later date? Say 2 months from now...


I spoke with said supplier yesterday and he has agreed to let me send a pdf file scan of my customs letter to him and also will let me send to a different name and address, So one more shot it


so the said supplier is a stand up guy and lives up to the 100% deliviery or did they give you a hard time before argeeing to re-ship?

did they mention what may happen if your re-shipment gets seized?


so how much trouble can you actually get in...i "know" someone who has to pick up their package, and im scared for them now...

even if it a 50.00$ clenbuterol order???