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My GOMAD Results

Hello, great site.
This is my transformation. From 171 lbs to 220 lbs.
I used GOMAD, it is a gallon of milk everyday.
In addition to that, i did not squat all day, instead i chose deadlifts.
I did deadlifts every training session.
I started lifting because i saw worlds strongest man.
I wanted a physique like those men.

When i searched the internet for quick ways to gain size, GOMAD popped up and i did it for a long time. I went from 171 lbs to 245 lbs using GOMAD, but cutted down to 220 lbs using IF/KETO. I never used a hypertrophy protocol, low reps high weight. 3*3 and for benches not higher than 6.

Deadlift first pic: 140 kg (308lbs) second pic: 285 kg (628lbs)
Squat first pic: 130 kg (286lbs) second pic: 240 kg (529lbs)
Bench Press first pic: 60 kg (132lbs) second pic: 125 kg (275 lbs)

How long did you do this for? A year? 3 years?

Timelines on this would be helpful for readers. How long to bulk up to 245lbs? How long did it take to cut down?

Can you be any more specific to your actual program? What type of weight progression? Did you only do deadlifts and bench (I’m assuming you did some squatting given your numbers)?

Do you have any better pictures of your physique? They are quite zoomed in/distorted. A full body front pic and a rear pic would be more beneficial for people to see the progress.

Those are some impressive squat and deadlift numbers.

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Honestly you’re hiding your gut. Which is fine. Don’t be ashamed of your gut. It happens.

You were after size and strength and you gained it. Well friggin done!

Since you posted in “rate my physique” maybe show your whole physique.

the angles are annoying…


Hehe yeah i was i had to find old picture that was very zoomed in,

I am honestly trying to find more pics of my gomad journey

I used GOMAD as addition to my diet for about 2 years.
I used 5/3/1 from wendler as my training program.
Later i used 5/3/1 BBB.
And later UB/LB split

But for bench i only did 3*3 because of shoulder pain at high reps.
My bench went to 125 kg and stayed there for some time and went down as i lost weight. Currently at 115.

Next to gomad i ate 2 pounds of meat.
There was one time where my front squat went wrong and almost broke my neck since then i only squat zercher and back squat. The only picture i had from 171 was old and zoomed out so i tried to adjust it. Here is more recent pics:


And me doing 220kg zercher


Are you still hanging around 220lbs in these new pictures?

You have definitely achieved that “big and strong” look, so nice work there. Did you use zercher squats as a main lift for 5/3/1 or just start adding them in once you began UB/LB split?