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My Goddamn Log

So, I use mostly kettlebells. I don’t have much of a rhyme or a reason. I want to deadlift over 4 hundred and I am at 385 now. I want to snatch a 32kg kettlebell for five minutes and get at least one hundred reps. I wanna lose fat. So far I am doing well onthe way to all those goals.

Todays workout:

Military presses with two Kettlebells stacked on each other (53lb and 35lb). All singles and doubles. I hit a PR with a 70lb and a 26lb bell stacked. I pushed my friends truck for a while and did a ton of snatches, swings and double swings.

As a note, I don’t get to deadlift a lot, but the kettlebell work increases my deadlift immensely even when I don’t pull too often.

Just wondering what will snatching a 32kg kettlebell for 100 reps in five minutes do? Is it like an elite status in the kettlebell world?

It is, kind of. I think of it as “Hey, my conditioning is pretty good.” The 24 KG is the one you snatch for the same to get an RKC certification. Also, I attribute swinging and snatching to my increase in my deadlift without much deadlifting. There can be no other explanation, because the hip activation is the same. It will help my deadlift go up for sure, also. And if my lifts go up while I lose weight, I know I am not losing muscle.

Sunday 8-8 Kettlebell circuit with a 32kg bell: Five presses per arm, 8 goblet squats and fifteen swings. Five in 30 minutes.

Today: Ten singles with 315lbs (Sumo DL) which is 81 percent of my max.

8-10-10 Ladders with 88 lbs 4x(1,2). Maxvo2 snatching, 15 minutes.

8-11-11 Three singles with 87%1RM sumo deadlift (335lbs)

8-12-10 2 ladders of 88kg presses (1,2) and twelve minutes of vo2max snatching.