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My Goals

Hello all,

I’m 6’2, 195lbs, 16.7% BF, 20 yrs old. I play soccer, but have been injured for a few months with shin splints/stress fractures. Apparently I have weak arches and overpronate. The pain is just above my ankle. I’m walking on to my college team this spring and am looking to avoid picking up any more injuries.

In the long run I’d like to be in a position to focus entirely on strength/power training, but for right now I’ve got to make sure this doesn’t become a recurring thing. I’ve already started feeling it after some light practice with the ball. Practice starts in 3 weeks and we’ve got some light sessions 2-3x a week from now until then. The spring season is only a month long with 1 game and 3 practices a week, and my main priority is being in the best possible shape for the fall season (starting in early august).

Here is my plan to avoid the shin/ankle problems:

  1. Lose fat. 16.7% is the highest I’ve ever been, and all that extra weight must be hurting. I’ll be taking calories down to 13xBW, with a 40/30/30 carbs/protein/fat ratio. I would like to start meltdown training or a simiar lactate threshold training protocol, but am afraid it will interfere with my practices.

Also, I’m afraid that the weight bearing exercises will put too much stress on my shins/ankles. I also want to avoid quad dominant activites (squats) due to some muscular imbalance highlight later.

Any alternatives focusing more on hams and glutes? I won’t be coming near failure with the meltdown, just going for the LA burn. I will also be doing some light GPP work/calisthenics/ladder footwork every other day in the morning.

  1. Improve mobility. After reading some of KB’s stuff and Scrawny to Brawny I’ve determined I’m overly tight in my quads and RF, so I’ll be stretching these and my lower legs out 2x daily.

  2. Correct muscular imbalances. With the reading I discovered I have an imbalance bw my quads and my posterior chain. My quads are tight and my feet turn outwards to about 1 o clock. I would like to strengthen my hamstrings and glutes, but am having trouble fitting this into a meltdown type schedule?

Could I just do this work seperately, before or after the meltdown? How long will this imbalance take to correct, and what will be my sign that it is corrected? My feet not turning out?

  1. Strengthen my arches. To do this I’ll be doing 5 mins light balance drills 2x daily and barefoot running every other day up to 20 mins (days that I don’t do GPP).

How does this all sound? Do you think it’s possible while engaging in soccer 3x a week? How long would such a schedule require for me to get down to sub 10% bodyfat and to correct my imbalances? I just want to get to the point where I can focus on strength and not have to worry about injuries (I am very weak for my size, in all lifts). Are there any other diagnostic tests I can utilize?

Thanks for the help.

Only thing I see that jumps out is ignoring the resustnace training weight bearing stuff squats etc. It more likely its the Pounding stuff, Running, repetitive stuff the hits causing the shinm splints the constant strain and pressure from squts DLs etc mostly down on the bones should not cuse thses and even help by making the body fortify the bones with more calcium etc make then stronger forn the action

My take

Good luck bro,