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My Goals

My goals for next wrestling season (mid-November) include a weighted chin-up with 90 lbs attatched, a 405 sumo deadlift, and a bodyweight clean and push-press. I plan to be about 185 lbs then, wrestling at 189. My current stats from last week’s workouts (at a little over 170) include a 275 x 3 sumo deadlift, 132 x 5 push press, and a weighten chins of +40 lbs x 2. I also want to gain about 20 lbs of muscle to bring me to that weight (I’ll shed some fat in practice, and keep in mind I’m still growing). Do those goals seem realistic (I am using a Westisde template)?

You’re not a complete newb, so I don’t see 20lbs being all that realistic, especially in less than 9 months… especially with losing fat as well…especially with trying to keep in fairly good condition.

Not realistic…but not impossible.
You can do it but it will take a lot of work…mainly at the Table… and not with dumbbells but with a fork & knife.

For now just prioritize your goals, this is probably a clearer view of what we talked about prior. I know you have a lot of wrestling camps coming up and you want to be in condition for those but it’s going to be hard to maintain an elite level of conditioning as well unless you just aren’t doing shit else-

higher rep lifting (10-12)
–build more of a base and get your movement efficiency down perfect. First 2-3 weeks don’t even ME or DE lift. Add those in the weeks hereafter.


Weeks 1-3:
Bench Press (5-10x10)
Chest Supported Row(5x10)
Seated dumbbell clean/Facepull (5x10)(superset)
–>insert an exercise for your weak area (5x10-15)

Week 4-9(?):

Bench Press (ME)
Strip weight…Bench Press (5x10)
Chest supported row or Bent Row (5x5-8)
–>Weak point/ build the lift
–>Weak point/ build the lift

For the lower body you can do the same but you have to be careful picking your movements and weight. 10x10 with deadlifts isn’t all that bright or even efficient. Power Squat Machine is great for this, as well as just doing like 10x3 for deadlifts, 5-10x10 with rack pulls is do-able but not a ton of fun…You’ll be surprised how fried your lats are though.

You can also do things like:

Box Squat (DE)
Speed Pull

–> do 5x10 box squats or go to the power squat and load up a ton of weight doing 5x10. Or do 5x10 with a Unilateral exercise, I like stepup for this.

A ton of Abwork

June- August:

Focus on strength improvements, practice different variations of causing strength. Polquin’s 1/6 wave is effective, as well as NUMEROUS other methods I believe either Tate or Wendler wrote an article on over at elitefts… Maximal Methods (or something of that sort)

If you’re having problems with an area on a lift, train the movement itself, and hypertrophy the muscle if need be.

I personally like a superset of 5x5-10 to hypertrophy a muscle group. That just works for me…

Example: If your bench or OH press is stalling out midway at lockout, train the lockout in your ME method…rack pressing (even with OH press), Isometric holds, etc.

Train the DE portion to be able to BLAST your way through the sticking portion (Jerks for instance for your OH press)

Then in my Aux work…if I feel the need to…hypertrophy the area with a 5x5 superset.
for example with my benching group of muscles- dumbbell bench press 5x5/ weighted dips 5x10

If its obviously my back thats hindering me, pick a rowing motion and shrugging motions. CSR & Facepulls, or CSR & Dumbbell shrugs.

… In august start adding in a lot of sled walking, odd object conditioning, complexes with odd objects javorek type complexes,etc.

Instead of your aux exercises you can do these type of movements, and they’ll improve your conditioning as well as raise your lifts.

We’ve talked about this before so you know what this looks like…Example:

ME: Upper body
auxillary movement
odd object lifting
sled drags (geared toward upper body)

DE: Lower Body
Speed Pull
Odd Object lift
Sled Drags

Before every camp you go to…take a week off. A full 7 days, just do some mobility drills, a little calisthenics, just stay active but nothing strenuous on your CNS.

You want to go to camp fresh and be able to actually use your new strength not be so run down from the other training that you don’t feel like you’re learning anything at camp.

But be there to LEARN not to show off your new strength and/or abilities… do that during the season.

You can come in pretty fucking jacked.

All the weight gain and what not is what happens at the dinner table.

lol Wow, great post Xen!