My goals...

Well, my fall rugby season has almost ended, last game is this saturday. Having stepped on the scale recently I was shocked to discover I had lost 13 lbs this season (started Sept 9), there are a variety of reasons for this, but the key ones being the sprained ligaments in my wrist during the first week, and then later getting the same had trampled and rolling my ankle real bad. So I made it to the gym maybe 5 times until last week. I started hitting the weights again…and I am a weakass bitch :(, barely as strong as I was at the end of summer.

But no worries, I have decided that to motivate myself to succeed, I need a plan for success as it were, and the first step is to state my goals, so here goes.

Current stats:
height: 6’1"
weight: 169lbs (yes, it does hurt)
bf: 6-8% (gotta love HIIT for rugby)

My 1st goal is to recover the weight I lost and then some before spring season. So I am looking at a 15-20 lbs weight gain over a 17 week period (Mar 22 or so is when spring starts). The next goal is to be able to squat close to twice my bodyweight (350lbs or so), next goal is to get my bench up to 250 lbs, and my deadlift to 300lbs (this is what I want to be repping). Current weights used are 225 for squats, 190lbs for bench, and 200 for deadlift.

I have decided on 2 viable routes I can take, both depend on what kind of job I get during the 6 weeks I get off for winter break (I can do whatever I want once I get back to uni).

  1. Growth Surge Project - this will be undertaken if i get a flexible job. It appeals to me b/c of the intensity and dedication required, plus I have never tried anythnig quite so challenging. I plan to repeat stages 2 and 3 once, then move onto a very explosive/power based workout as soon as I find something like that (even though I am a skinny bitch, I am the second fastest kid on our rugby team, but my acceleration could use a bit of work)

  2. Super strength and limping series by Ian King. I’ve read these and liked them a lot, plus like the growth surge project it is something different from what I have done before, and in the last part I can do explosive exercises.

I will be following Berardi’s massive eating guidelines during this time, and supplementing mag-10 superstack for 2 cycles (gotta love the superstore!!).

Any feedback is greatly appreciated people.