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My Goals-How Do You Recommend I Achieve Them?


Hey guys,

My stats are:
168 pounds

Squat/Dead/Bench: 260/300/170

My goal is to power lift, but in the 188 pound division. I want to be a cut 188 and focus on getting super strong and lifting many times my body weight, but in order to do so I must first gain weight and then cut down. I currently eat 3500 calories a day and follow Westside For Skinny Bastards. I just got off about three months of Madcow.

What do you guys recommend my course of action be? Is what I'm currently doing conducive to my goals? What should my next step after this be?

P.S: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/23/img0175lk.jpg/

That is me, clearly the largest man to ever set foot on T-Nation.


My only advice is to completely stop worrying about being "cut" - you need to eat much much more if you are not making any progress on weight gain.

So I'd say try upping your calories... I mean I seriously feel like I'm force feeding myself some days. And like you said, you can always cut down if things get too out of hand or if you're too unhappy with your image. But you work hard and you can translate a majority of calories into good weight gain.


The weight classes usually go 165, 181, and 198, normally the goal is to be at the top of a class.


I am about 6'0'' as well. I went from 165 to 185 in the last year. I stuffed myself with food countless times. I also have been using creatine and a weight gainer shake daily for almost 6 months, which are helpful but not essential. Drinking whole milk makes a difference. I gather you're a ectomorph like me. You will not lost your 'cut' going from 168 to 190 unless you eat garbage and quit working out. You will just quit looking so god damn skinny.


Thats the classic bulk right there... add a gallon of whole milk a day to your usual diet.


I would emphasize the "if" for if you are gaining some weight and your lifts are going up well I would not bother stuffing and pounding down the gallon of milk. Only desperate times call for desperate measures.

Also, Westside for Skinny Bastards is probably fine. Wendler's 5/3/1 is another option, but just pick one and run it for a few years.


Did you look at his pic? He's obviously a good example of an ectomorph and can certainly afford an increase in calories. But yes, only IF his current diet is not making him stronger and bigger on a monthly basis.


TRT you mean ectomorph, right?


yes, sarcasm really doesn't work at all via internet posts. I changed it to just say what it should say.

But seriously man, don't be afraid to eat. You'll be amazed at how quickly strength will come when you start supplying your body with adequate calories for growth


Yeah I gotcha dude, I'm not one of those guys who starves himself for fear of getting fat. I'm pounding down like 3600 calories a day at 168 pounds which is like 1000 over maintenance so


If you're not gaining weight you're not over your maintainance levels.


Agreed. At the very least, for a week I would write down everything you ate that day. 90% of the time, you arent getting in enough calories.


I keep a log on my phone with a calorie counter, and my weight IS moving up, just not as quickly as I'd like it to.