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My Goals... Help?


Alright, sooo I just joined T-Nation, and I'm hoping I can get some advice from ya'll on my workout routine and how I can modify it to reach my goals. I'm really wanting to seriously develop my muscles, to about this level:
My body fat is at a steady 16%, and I feel like I've hit a plateau with my workouts. Sooo...I was hoping ya'll could give me some advice on how to modify my workout to reach this goal!

Before I type out my current workout, let me mention that:
1) I follow a very good diet (lots of protein, fiber, veggies, fruits, etc...1600-1800 cals, 5-6 small meals a day, etc)
2) I do change my workout up every two, three months or so to keep my body "surprised"
3.) I do cardio workouts also, but I won't list those here
4) Sorry if I screw up any of the names of the excersices;)

Day 1:
Dumbell curls: 4 sets of 10
Standing dumbell tricep extensions: 4 sets of 10
ez bar curls, close grip: 4 sets of 10
bench dips- 4 sets of 25
rope attatchment bicep curls- 4 sets of 10
rope attatchment tricep extension-4 sets of 10
lying tricep press with easy bar followed by close-grip press: 4 sets of 10
finish with ab/oblique workout

Squats: 7 sets, starting wiht low weight, and building up, (sets of 10, or, sets of 8-10 with my final weight)
Seated calf raises-4 sets of 10
hamstring seated curl-4 sets of 10
Quadricep leg extensions: 4 sets of 10
standing calf raises (weighted)- 4 sets of 10
seated leg press- 3 sets of 10
glute kickback machine- 3 sets of 10
finish with ab/oblique workout

Incline- a couple of warm up sets, then 3 sets of 8-10 with my final weight
front dumbell raises: 3 sets of 10
flat bench press- 3 sets of 10
seated bent over rear delt raises-3 sets of 10
incline dumbell flies- 3 sets of 10
shoulder overhead press- 3 sets of 10
Cable crossovers (upper and lower)- 3 sets of 12 (of each)
followed by abs/ obliques workout

Wide grip cable pulldown-4 sets of 12
dumbell shrugs- 4 sets of 12
one arm dumbell row- 4 sets of 12
hyperextensions- 4 sets of 15 with ten pound weight
cable straight arm pull down- 4 sets of 12
barbell upright row- 4 sets of 12
seated cable rows- 4 sets of 12
followed by abs/obliques

So, should i do my workouts with less reps, more weight? Do I need more variety to my workouts? If so, what can I change/add/get rid of? Thanks! any (good) advice is welcome!


Only one thing here that I noticed (I'll leave the good stuff/info. up to the pros).

You are doing barbell upright rows on Back day, but upright rows work the lateral deltoid (side delt). So I would add the upright row to your shoulder day, taking it away from back day.


First thing I noticed is your cal intake. Is that right 1500 to 1800?

That is not enough if you are trying to grow.




So sorry, Carrie.

I just looked at your profile and realized you are female.

Let me rethink this one.



I think your workouts are fine.

One question though, The woman at the site you mentioned is probably around to 6% BF. Your profile says you are mor than double that. You might try to increase your cardio while doing these workouts.

Are you trying to gain muscle mass as well?



6% body fat? I thought that was completely unhealthy and nearly impossible for women, so i've been trying to actually reach the 14% range. Should I rethink that?

Yes, my ultimate goal right now is to build muscle mass.


Very low bpdyfat in women can adversely effect the menstrual cycle and general wellbeing besides the normal issues with it.

Some 'fitness' competitors rather than female bodybuilders are still using a lot of pharmaceutical aids. Anything from pretty hardcore fat loss aids to small amounts of testosterone analogues and diuretics.

Some of the ladies you see who aren't even muscular are using drugs to quite a degree.


On leg day, you should probably take out the seated leg press, because you are already doing squats, and those two are virtually the same exercise.


She may be a little more than that, but she is tight.

Have you ever tried to increase your calorie intake? Heavier weight for a while to see what it might do?



wow...thank ya'll so much for helping me already!

I've never tried increasing my calories...deffinately a thought though. I think I'll give that a try!


...oh, and i'm deffinately starting to add heavier weight..should I try to add weight to where I can't do more than 6-8 reps? or should i keep aiming for 10?

Also,I am going to take out the leg press and switch the barbell upright rows.

Oh, and I just realized that ya'll could probably give me better advice on things I should work on if ya'll had an idea of what my physique is like now....I'll post a pic


That would def help. I did'nt know if you had the same frame as the one on that site.


alrighty, here's a couple of pics...
Oh, and I know I have a different frame than the pic of the example I posted...I just wanted to give an example of the amount of muscle deff. I'm looking for...




and the last


You're gonna fit right in, here at T-Nation.


You look like you are well on your way. You look like you have good diet etc.. and good goals too.

So good luck!

My only advice is you might need to eat a bit more to build some more muscle, you should not worry about fat that much because whatever your % is now, you look fine, even compared to your target (the picture of the other woman). So focus more on the muscle that you are seeking.


awesome, thanks for this advice...

any other advice is still welcome, especially from experienced females!!!


Concur. If you are at 16% I was way off on the other woman.

A few more cals and heavier weight.

You are very much on your way.

Best of luck to you, and welcome to the Nation.



You look great! :slight_smile:

If you want to gain more muscle mass, you're going to have to increase your food intake and lift heavier (heavier weights, lower reps). I'm sure you're already familiar with the concepts of bulking and cutting.

For advice from females, try posting in the T-Vixen Sorority section.