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My Goals by 2010

18" Neck , Arms & Calves @ 5% BodyFat
16" Forearms
50" Chest
33" Waist

505 Deadlift & Squat
405 Bench
255 Behind-the-neck Press
355 Push Press
125+BW Chinup & Dip
175 BB Curl

By 2010! Wait for it… its coming… Hulk Jr.

What are your current measurements, weights, lifts?

16.25" Neck & Arms
17" Calves
27" Legs
42" Hip
36" Waist
44" Chest
13.75" Forearms
220 Lbs. 5’9.5"

405 Dead & Squat
285 Bench
185 Push Press
115 Curl
225 Row
90 + BW Dip & Chinup

5500 lbs Honda Passport 40 yd. pull in 2 minutes w/ Deer Hunting harness

40 yd dash 5:20

Your deadlift should be alot higher than your squat. Either you aren’t going deep enough on squat or your pull is in need of work.

Nice numbers though, those are close to my goals for this year. You already sound like hulk jr.

Looking at your measurements, you have a good amount of fat to lose right? 36" waist at 5’9" and 220.

Nice goals though, may not be attainable by 2010, well I bet you can get close by the end of 2010.

[quote]funkhauser wrote:
Your deadlift should be alot higher than your squat. [/quote]


Why do you mean why? It’s just natural that you can lift more off the ground than squat with.

[quote]funkhauser wrote:
Why do you mean why? It’s just natural that you can lift more off the ground than squat with.[/quote]

For you, perhaps. Not for everybody. That was quite a generalization. There are many people that upon lifting weights for the very first time will squat more than they deadlift. There is nothing wrong with somebody that has been lifting for any amount of time to squat as much as they deadlift. Leverages and proportions are the biggest variable here.

EVERYONE I’ve seen can deadlift more than they squat.

Most of the numbers I’ve seen where squat numbers are higher than deadlifts were POWERLIFTING squats (I just assume everyone not in the strength sports section goes to full depth) WITH ply gear. From what I understand (feel free to correct me) PL squats get much more out of gear than deadlifts.

To the OP:
Good goals, and you’ve got a little over 80 weeks to make good on them. What’s your plan?

That is correct.

Gear carryover is much higher in the squat compared to the DL.

Also, i’ve not met a single person who could even squat and DL the same amount (proper squat depth). For the average male, being able to DL ~100 lbs more than squat would be considered normal

You guys need to meet some more lifters.

This is a personal journey. No need for any other discussion but GOALS. Please post your goals also. Thank You Very Much.

My squat is narrow and deep. Dont know my bodyfat. My wrists are 7.75".

These numbers are by no means a TRUE 1RM. These are reps done in a safe manner with no spotter, no belt, no straps or any other stupid gadget to “help” me lift. Anyways…

Eat in Anabolic-style. High Fat! Mucho Olive Oil!

Switch every 8 weeks between EDT, Chad’s Motor Unit Recruitment & HIT. Dunno yet. Who knows what happens before 2010.

One thing I do know, when I go into the gym its 100% hulk intensity. Total body pump, sweat dripping and hard breathing. The are two kinds of people, one does workouts and the other trains.