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My Goals and Plans


hey everyone

Thats my first post here! =)
i've been reading T-Nation for quite a while now, but i'm not sure whether i'm applying the gained knowledge correctly, thats my reason for posting.

about me:
im 18 years old, around 175cm (~5'7), 68kgs (150lbs), bf ~9-13% (Just a guess in comparison to the pics posted in the physique and performance photos section).

I'm eating very cleanly, but not as much as I think I should be(ffb complex!?), and Im trying to follow the 7 eating guidelines as close as possible + resting a lot.

I do not use any supplements (T-Nation isnt shipping to germany. thanks guys :wink: ).

My athletic bg: Been doing Martial Arts for about 7 years, 2 years ago I started doing a lot of bodyweight excercises, 1 year ago lifting weights. Along the way there was a ~6 months lifting pause due to injury

i can do around ~25 straight pull ups / dips
(didnt try 1RM for any lift, so this is the average of what Im using in the 5 sets 5-7 rep range)
Bench: 70kg (155lbs)
Squat: 80kg (175lbs)
DL: 50kg (110lbs)

my goals:
Gain around 10lbs lean muscle mass while loosing fat! (attention: former fatboy :wink: so I'd rather not do massive bulking & cutting cycles.. )+ increase athletic performance (strength, speed, agility etc.).

equipment (as I train in our basement):

Power Rack with Cable Things (sorry, I'm german, [you can use em to do: Bicep Curls, Tri Extensions, Seated Rows, got it? =D])
Bench + Bench with option to do leg extensions and leg curls
O-Lift Barbell
Swiss Ball =D
Ab Wheel
Wrist Curler

I thought about doing following, since I strongly believe that my own training plans are not giving me the optimal results:

Start doing CT's "Get Strong, Get Fast, Get Vertical" Routine the first 6 weeks, followed by his "Ab Training for Athletes and Babehounds , 2k3" Program. After that "10 x 3 for Fat Loss" by Chad Waterbury in order to get into beach shape =D

(Note: I know that 150lbs should not speak about cutting, and cutting is not what Im trying to do with the Fat Loss Program... just trying to get rid of the "excess" body fat in order to feel more content with myself)

Along the way doing a lot of stretching, moderate amounts of sandbag work and agitily drills. How much can I do of it, so it does not take away from the results of the CT stuff?

What do you think of my current plans? Is this what I'm able to do to see good results? What should I do when Im finished with Waterbury's Fat Loss Program in order to pursue my goals on a longterm base?

I hope that my post is not noob-like!!
thanks in advance :slight_smile:

T-Nation team: thank you for providing such a cool web place to be and so many good information!!!! glad I found out about you =D



Right now you have the best chance in your life to naturally gain the most amount of muscle in the shortest amount of time. I promise you will fuck that up by over-analyzing and limiting your food intake while complicating and juxtaposing your training methods.

You need to build your base of absolute strength for the next year or so.

Focus on learning proper technique and adding weight to the bar on the following exercises:

Squat, Deadlift, Power cleans, Push-press, Front squat, Bench press, Military press, Bent-over row, and Romanian deadlifts.

Focus on increasing your absolute strength and giving your body the nutrition it needs to recover and over-compensate.

You can do this many different ways, follow any program you like as long as your focus is on increasing absolute strength or its expression (power). And as long as you perform the exercises listed above on a regular basis.

You are not ready to show your body off at the beach, abs or not. Build a solid base of absolute strength and add 30 lbs of muscle to your frame before you even think about focusing on abs and a beach body. By the way, chicks get off on power, not bf%. Get strong and powerful first, then shed the extra fat to show that off. And FFB or not, don't limit your eating until your pants get tight, then add some additional GPP type work to your routine, if you are still gaining fat then cut back a little on the bad foods but don't limit your eating until you KNOW that its more than you need.

OK, now you got some feedback and reassurance about what to do...so get to it.


Sounds very reasonable to me.
So I'll go ahead and start the "Westside for Skinny Bastards" Program, incorporating the lifts you mentioned, focusing on strength.
I think this program fits my needs very well, since there is room for additional work, too.
I believe what you said about the food-intake is what I needed most at this point!
Thanks for your reply! =)


it's me again.
gained 5 lbs over the first week of wfsb.
I'm starting to feel lowerback pain, though...
should I continue while going lighter and stretch a lot? or should I use a belt?
or alter the program in order to hypertrophy + strengthen my lower back first?



The pain may be due to the fact that you're lower back isn't that strong yet so make sure you strengthen your lower back and abs as well.


Hey everyone!

Here is a little update:

I followed Westside For Skinny Bastards since Jan 1th and I do with my buddies the Litvinov workout since the first spring sun showed up. This are my gains so far. It all went up really fast as I learned doing the proper technique on the lifts. There is still a lot room for improvement, but I'm not hurting myself doing this lifts. Guess thats good then so far!

Now weighing 73kg (160lbs)
Bench: 82,5kg (Max 3)

This are not my max numbers, but I guess they're fairly close. I do not want to risk hurting myself.
Squat: 120kg (5 reps)
Deadlift (elevated a little bit. is this a rack pull?): 100kg (5 reps)

We're doing front squats ranging from 50 - 70kg in the litvinov workout, around 6 sets and 100 meter sprint.

I'm feeling very good doing this. Adding some whey protein before lifting workouts!

Just wanted to keep you updated, because without T-Nation I would not even be close to the right track!


You're an ultra newbie. Start eating a TON! You only gained 10lbs in 3 months. You should have gained that your first month being so new to lifting and as skinny as your were/are. Check your caloric intake and make sure you're getting enough in. Protein is only 1/4 of what it takes to gain noticable mass. At 18 you are ripe for a lot of gaining. Do it right as the window you have is going to close quite fast.


Though to be fair, his lifts are going up nicely.

Keep lifting heavy and eating, and the gains will come.

Dan "Might just make that his new mantra" McVicker


Main thing for new people to remember. Eat, sleep, and work hard. You can eat all you want, use it to gain and stay at a low bf% so do so. Make sure you get 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per lb. of body fat and keep working. Within a year you will be very happy you did.


correct me If I'm wrong, but
183lbs bench
270lbs squat and
220lbs dead at a bodyweight of 160lbs after progressing from like nothing is that bad? ... meant in a "Hi, I'm an idiot" kinda way.


That's actually very good progress. You should be happy with that. Keep up the good work!